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Amazon kindle has allowed anyone to become an author. The problem many people face is formatting their kindle books in such a way that Amazon will accept immediately & then buyers are happy with the formatting.

Our Kindle Team Can Format Kindle Books Professionally for You!

Your Kindle Book (.prc) will have the following features:

  1. A Front Cover
  2. A Clickable Table of Contents
  3. Book Content

Right now, our team can only only take the following ORDERS: In your order, you need to provide the following 2 ITEMS:

1.  A Document file in Microsoft Word  (.doc) with clear Table of Content Headings.

  • Any images that you have in your word document — convert them all into .jpg.
  • If you have any images that are done in Microsft Word arts & graphics, please convert them into .jpg before sending the document over.
  • Microsft Word arts & graphics do not convert well into kindle formatting!

2.  An eCover picture in .jpg FILE.



Formatting for Fiction & Non-Fiction Books

$5  for each 15 Pages

PACKAGE 2:   Formatting for Recipe Books

$5  for each 10 Recipes

Revision:        $10 for each Revision

***Please note that we do NOT do Documents Editing, so please send us your FINAL Word Document Copy.**

Calculate the number of pages you have in your document & click on the following drop down menu to place your appropriate orders:

Choose Your Order Payment in the Drop Down Menu

When you have put in your orders, please send the following items to kindle2013(at)gmail(dot)com:

1.  Your name & paypal transaction of your order.

2.  Your Word document (.doc)

3.  Your eCover in .jpg file


Our team will fulfill your order within 24 to 48 Hours!

1.  We will give you a HTML file so that you can see that the TOC is hyperlinked

2.  We will give you a KINDLE Book in .prc format that you can upload onto Amazon and get accepted immediately!


Wishing you much success in Kindle!




8 Responses to Kindle Services

  • Ed van Eeden says:

    Hi Rosa,

    When I upload an image for the cover, will you make the cover, then? Or do I have to deliver a ready made cover?

    Yours, wonderingly,


    • rosa says:

      Hi Ed,

      Yes, send the same .jpg image file of the eCover so that I can format the cover into your Kindle book. There is no need to make another cover for that purpose.


  • Tim Pond says:

    Thank you Rosa for your top-notch publishing service. I’ll be back for more. Highly recommended!
    My best,
    Tim Pond

  • Javier A Ortiz Sr. says:

    I have several websites, no need for you to visit.
    I bought your guide on the Forum, I am now about ready to format my e books.
    Please…size of characters for content,
    Also for Title, Subtitle and Headings.
    Thank you


    • rosa says:

      For Content – Both size 11 or size 12 work great!
      For Title – I usually like to set it around 26 to 28 if it is a long title, 48 if it is a short title.
      For Subtitle – I like to set it smaller – around 18 to 20 if it is a long subtitle, 24 if it is a short subtitle.
      For Headings – Bold Size 12 will do!


  • Darcy says:

    i love it, it’s very good.

  • Mark says:


    I’m using your Kindle template, and love it. When I save the HTML, I can see the blank lines between paragraphs are there, but the prc file doesn’t show the blank lines in it? Am I doing something wrong?

    • rosa says:

      Hi Mark,

      The HTML file is correct with the line spacing. If you use the free PC viewer, the formatting looks different and does not show line spacing very well. IT shows you how much content each page has. You can look at your content with a kindle device, then you will see the real thing.


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