Kindle Secrets Vol 5


“How Would You Like
To Tap Into This Kindle Hot Niche?

Many People are already implementing this and putting these books onto the Amazon Kindle Bookshelf. Take action now and just copy! We’ve all produced a variety of books already and this can never be saturated! They are loving this! They are putting one book up after another! You can too! Join us in this Great Fun!

This WARRIOR bought this product and put this into action right away:

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I’ve been publishing to Kindle for a few months now. I heard that Rosa’s products were great and purchased this onehoping for a few helpful hints on how to boost my Kindle sales. The really popular niche that is in the report is HOT right now. I just published my first title in the niche and it got over 1700 downloads on its first day. It has since been getting consistent sales every day.Thank you so much for sharing Rosa. This information has renewed my faith in being able to make money publishing to Kindle!

THIS PRODUCT CERTAINLY WORKS! All you need to do is to TAKE ACTION today!

Originally Posted by Paul Coleman View Post
Rosa,Very smart way to “hunt” niches. I love your outside-the-box ideas. This is your best Kindle guide yet. Highly recommended.Paul
Originally Posted by handy
Just wanted to let you know that your WSO “Kindle Hot Niche” has been selected as one of the “Top 10 WSOs of the Week” by my WSOtracking service on creating a successful WSO!Take care, Andy (
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I just went through Rosa’s WSO. I am one of her biggest fans and have bought several of her Kindle WSOs in the past. When it comes to Rosa’s WSO I don’t hesitate as I know she consistently delivers QUALITY. To me Rosa has become one of the top Kindle authorities in the Warrior Forum. She has a system that WORKSand we are fortunate that she shares it with us.In this WSO she revealed a new niche I was not aware of. Most WSOs cover the same two or three popular niches but this is one I totally over-looked and did not know how well it does. It does much better than the other hot niches. Just bringing that niche to your attention is a lot of value in itself. She then goes through STEP-BY-STEP how to create a successful Kindle book in that particular niche. She doesn’t leave you in the dark for one moment. She gives you her OWN examples.Like I have said about her previous Kindle WSOs, I strongly recommend this one!
Originally Posted by razztek View Post
Snagged it. I’m doing mostly fiction, but want to expand into other areas and I loved your other WSO, so this will be something I’m looking forward to.
Originally Posted by dcrodwell View Post
Done…If Rosa puts it out there…I buy it. She is always superb and the real deal. If she teaches it, it means she has done it…and successfully.Thank you Rosa…wonderful job as usual.David Rodwell
Originally Posted by bookworm View Post
I hardly read the sales page, Rosa. When I see your name, I know I am going to get a quality product.I bought this and will let you know what I think, but I know it will be great.Jim Hoag
Originally Posted by ibaran View Post
Wow, Rosa, you did it again! Wait, let me rephrase that… you knocked it out of the ballpark with this one!!!I just finished reading this at midnight and I knew I should have waited until the morning, but I find all of your WSOs so valuable that I couldn’t wait. Now I’m going to be up all night just thinking and planning my next books with this new niche! You really hit a homerun with this – gee, I’m all over the ballpark with these praises, and I don’t even follow baseball! :-)Seriously, Rosa has some of the best WSOs I’ve seen – and I have purchased more than my fair share. When I see her name on the Warrior Forum, I immediately hit the BUY button – this is no exaggeration. It’s hard to find an honest, hard-hitting (there we go again with the baseball analogies!) Warrior putting out WSOs, but you can always count on REAL content, REAL value, and REAL customer service from Rosa. Rosa, this may be the latest WSO from you, but I am recommending all of your past and present WSOs to those in my Kindle group (and I’m not an affiliate) and will come back for more and more! Keep them coming, and I’ll let you know how my new niche works out!
Originally Posted by HeatherR View Post
Hi Rosa,I just bought your WSO on Paul Coleman’s recommendation and I’m so glad that I did. This is like a real ‘breath of fresh air’ and I will definitely be creating some books in this niche. Thank you for sharing such an excellent idea and for presenting it in a very clear and simple way.Heather
Originally Posted by flbreezes View Post
I purchased Rosa’s “Hot Kindle Niche” a while back, and just got to reading through the materials the first time. I was really excited to see a totally different way to publish on Kindle besides the same old book style. This is really different and fun. I can see how it would go over well with parents and kids alike. Looking forward to getting hot niche up and going. She gives you the step-by-step instructions, and I really appreciated the templates that she provided! Sandy

In March,
we have a new look in our Month-to-Date Unit Sales page in Kindle Direct Publishing Platform. What a time saver for all of us. The Promotional Downloads are not mixed in with all the Units Sold.

2012 is the Kindle Year!

This is the 2nd Week of March. I want to show you that you can start creating Kindle Books this week to succeed right away.

I created this book on March 3, 2012:

The following is a screen capture of the ranking of the book within one week.

Now it is May. The ranking is going strong.

The Book Ranks in the 6,000 category ranking #3 in all 3 categories! This Niche is a winner!

Today, I am going to tell you:

  • what this HOT Niche is
  • how I use my KKB Formula to tap into this Niche
  • tell you which Categories to target for
  • tell you exactly what Keywords to target for
  • tell you the keywords for the Tags
  • and finally I will give away the Title of this book so that you actually have a REAL BOOK to copy.

I want you to see that you can get IMMEDIATE results right away just by creating QUALITY Kindle Books & Uploading them onto Kindle with Targeted Keywords.


Again the question arises:
Will this Niche become saturated?

YES, if you do the niche research in the traditional way!

No, if you follow the procedure of my KKB Formula because there’s lots of room for all of us to expand on. Just think: If this could become saturated so easily, why would I tell you about this niche? Why would I even dare to give away one of the titles of my books?

You need the KKB Formula to TAP into this Hot Kindle Niche!

So what do you get in this KKB Complete Package?

1. The Hot Niche Categories!

2. How to use KKB to Research to Get into this Hot Niche!

3. The Step-By-Step Procedure of KKB Formula Revisited in Discovering this Hot Niche!

4. 2 Great Reports!

5. The Title of one of these 4 books!

6. How To Create this kind of Kindle Books – Build QUALITY KKB Books in this Series!

7. Bonus: Power Point Templates!

2 Big Reports

Report 1: Using KKB Formula to Tap Into This Hot Niche

12 Step KKB Formula:

1 – ABS
2 – NF
3 – Top 100
4 – U-Pick
5 – CATegories
6 – Top 100 Again
7 – ONE
9 – Content
10 – Create
11 – Upload (Targeted Keywords)
12 – Series

I go through the entire procedure so that you can use this same KKB Formula to do your NEXT INTEREST HOT NICHE on your own!

The key is in the Method!

You can do it!
Just follow exactly the same procedure.

Report 2: Kindle Blueprint – Create HIGH QUALITY Kindle Book

  1. How to Create Quality Kindle Books in this Niche.
  2. Chapter Contents – step by step procedure to show you how to write chapter content!
  3. Show you how to do them in Different Levels.
  4. Show you Step 1 to Step 9 specifically in creating your first book
  5. Fun Power Point Creation
  6. Technical Skills – Making your book with Fun Interactive Links
  7. Quick way to gather content for your Kindle Killer Book in this Hot Niche
  8. Other Online Resources to get you going quickly!



Bonus: Power Point Template

Use this Power Point Template to Create Your Quality Kindle Book TODAY!

Just Key in the Letters.

Copy & Paste to Create for your First Book Creation in this HOT Niche.

This will certainly speed up your process.

Listen to what other warriors are saying:

Originally Posted by fyl View Post
Bought it. Read it. Here’s my quick review:Each report is about 40 pages. Reads quickly because there’s a lot of screen shots and not much text.The first report covers her 12 step process. Covers not only the thought process as to how select the niche but also the actual book title. The second report covers the how to create the content. It has great tool on page 40 and includes other online resources.It certainly seems easy enough. We’ll see if it’s profitable…


Originally Posted by arrow77 View Post
Wowza! Once again Rosa has come up with the real GOODS…. and wow are they good. Really like the easy to do guides. Saves a lot of time and Trouble.Thanks Once Again Rosa
Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post
Hi Rosa,I just bought your WSO and went through it and it’s excellent.HPPS:
I’ve send out a recommendation to my subscribers.
Originally Posted by loud1946 View Post
I normally don’t right reviews, but KKB is perfect. I have been doing Kindle for about a year now and this is just what I need. I recommend this WSO to anyone thinking of creating kindle books. But, would hope that Rosa shuts down this WSO soon.
Originally Posted by dunkinbbb View Post
Hi:I received a review copy of this from Rosa.I have to say, ever since Jonny unleashed KindleMania here on the WF – and specifically in the WSO section, Rosa has been one of the people to whom I looked for guidance – from someone who has been there and done it.As the “poseurs” continually get exposed with the “fake free sales” and store bought reviews, Rosa is one of the few who I still respect.In this WSO, she – once again – in a clear direct – step by step voice – offers up a blueprint for succeeding with Kindle.

This one is special – as it takes away the biggest stumbling block for many – the need to write.

Rosa, I daresay, if you ever offer a coaching program – people will be lined up around the block – behind me.

I can’t imagine anyone who couldn’t take this and turn it into a kindle book – in days – or less.

Another great contribution, Rosa!



Originally Posted by Skywriter View Post
I was fortunate to receive a review copy of Kindle Hot Niche by Rosa Suen, so here is a slightly edited version of the review I posted this morning on my blog…This is actually the fourth of Rosa Suen’s reports on writing for the Amazon Kindle that I have reviewed. In my opinion this one is the best yet, even though (as I’ll explain later) it may not be suitable for everyone.In Kindle Hot Niche, Rosa reveals another non-fiction niche she has exploited successfully – and without giving too much away here, it is a particularly appropriate one for freelance writers!Unlike her previous reports, Rosa reveals the actual title of her e-book in this one. Like the niche described in her Kindle Killer Book Formula report, it’s in a niche I wouldn’t have dreamed of tackling before reading about it, but clearly (from Rosa’s sales figures and Amazon screen captures) it has excellent sales potential.An additional attraction is that writing in this particular niche would require almost zero research!In Kindle Hot Niche you get two reports (plus various bonus items I’ll come to later). The first explains the 12-step KKB Formula Rosa uses to develop ideas for Kindle e-books, with particular reference to the niche title in question.

I should, by the way, emphasize that (as with all her reports) Rosa is NOT advocating the production of low-quality, spammy e-books based on so-called PLR content. There will be a certain amount of work involved here. However, what I really like about Kindle Hot Niche is the way Rosa provides practical tips and shortcuts to make the production of books in the niche concerned as straightforward and ‘automated’ as possible.

As well as the second report with its step-by-step instructions, Rosa also includes Microsoft Word and Powerpoint templates to help readers prepare content for the type of niche e-book she describes. There is nothing hard about this, and the use of the templates is optional (though in my view it would be silly not to). There may be a little bit of a learning curve getting to grips with the templates (Powerpoint especially, if you’re not so familiar with this program). Once you have done so, however, it strikes me you could produce series of books along these lines very quickly indeed. Creating series is, incidentally, another of Rosa’s recommendations for growing your income from Kindle quickly.

The guide doesn’t tell you about writing or formatting Kindle e-books, but there are of course many other guides covering this subject, not to mention the free KDP help pages. Neither does this particular report tell you much about marketing your e-book, for the good reason that the information in these reports is so recent, Rosa hasn’t even gotten around to marketing the e-books concerned herself! However, even without any marketing, sales of over 100 copies in the first week are hard to argue with.

To sum up, Kindle Hot Niche reveals an actual non-fiction niche you might not previously have considered writing about, which nevertheless clearly has excellent sales (and profit) potential. It also provides a step-by-step method for creating your own title in this same niche, using just ordinary software (Microsoft Office or equivalent).

I wouldn’t recommend Kindle Hot Niche if you’re completely new to writing for the Amazon Kindle. If you have some knowledge/experience of writing for this medium and want to create a new income stream for yourself, however, it’s well worth the modest investment required. And Rosa’s methodology is something that could very easily be adapted to other niches as well.

Originally Posted by loud1946 View Post
Rosa’s customer support has been outstanding. I highly recommend any of her WSO‘s

Get this TODAY while it is at a Low Price!

I am so THRILLED with the response from people. Also it’s so exciting for me to see people going into action. Some have requested if there is a faster and quicker way to do this. There is. There are tons of ideas on this.

2 More Bonuses:

1 More Colorful Power Point Template

1 Table Templates in MS Word

This will definitely speed up Your process to creating your Kindle books!


To your success,



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