Kindle Secrets Vol 2


“Effective Strategies To Tap Into
The Kindle KDP Power
To Skyrocket Your Sales!

Learn The Pricing Techniques To Tap Into the Kindle Power
with the KDP Select Program To Skyrocket Your Kindle Sales


This is a Print Screen showing the Unit Results of ONLY 10 Books  of a ONE Week Report. 


With the new KDP Select Program in December, this has become a new learning process for many of us.

There are many controversial talks about the KDP Select Program:
Is it a Trap or Is it Golden Opportunities? I leave you to decide!

This eBook will show you how to make use of the Golden Opportunities To Increase your Overall Kindle Sales:

1. Pricing Tips & Strategies – There are some sweet spots pricing!

2. 10 Analysis of these 10 Books Sales:

  •  The actual 10 books titles will not be revealed. I am sure you understand why. 
  •   I do give you the details of the month when the book was created, the number of sales in December, the pricing strategy, the duration of promotion, the number of free downloads given away for free, the number of actual sales in January results after the promotion.

3. What To Do To Increase your Sales Units

4. Mistakes To Avoid So As Not To Hurt Your Sales

5. How To Use The 2 great features in the KDP Select Program Correctly.

We are not talking about Theories but Tapping Into Real Time Results!!!

These results came from 2 months of experimenting when the KDP Select Program!


The Kindle Marketing is changing every month since the KDP Select Program came on the scene in December 2011. This is the time to make the most of this program while it is fresh and new.

There is also a Bonus for you!








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Also A BONUS for you when you buy today.

BOOK CHART TEMPLATES for YOU to Monetize your Kindle Books!

Testimonials from students


Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

Hi Rosa,I purchased your WSO and went through it. It is really excellent. Your in-dept case studies are very helpful and I have send out a recommendation to my subscribers.


Originally Posted by jwillin View Post

Rosa,This is a really unique way to come up with content for these Kindle Books. I have purchased a lot of Kindle Info Products and believe me coming up with content was very involved and time consuming. The way you show how to obtain ideas for Kindle books is smart and concise.

I also purchased your second WSO, KDP Publishing Success. It too is great and presented in the same manner of detail as this one, but succinctly to where the buyer can understandably implement the suggested methods. I appreciate there are no videos, OTOs and upsells to your product. You get what you pay for without any surprises.

Best wishes on your WSO.

Originally Posted by fushigi View Post
Hi Rosa,

Another great Kindle WSO you’ve got here. This fits perfectly with your first Kindle WSO, they complement each other very nicely.

It was very insightful to see the before and after case studies from 10 of your own books on how to effectively use the KDP Select program to increase sales and promote your books.

I can say that you cleared up a lot of questions I had regarding KDP and provided an explanation that I haven’t read elsewhere. I also appreciated the pricing suggestions you gave along with the results you achieved.

I highly recommend this WSO to anyone entering the Kindle marketplace. Excellent tips for optimizing the KDP Select program and getting the most exposure for your Kindle books in order to get more sales.

Thanks Rosa!

Originally Posted by JonHascue View Post

Well, as I hinted in Rosa’s prior WSOabout doing a follow up, here it is.This is the perfect companion with everything you need to get into the kindle publishing world, full of what you need to get full marketing through exposure that will get you the traffic you need to make some serious ca.

This information is great whether it is your own book, or you so this as a service for clients books.

Great job Rosa, keep up the good work.


Originally Posted by les0985 View Post

Hi Rosa,I bought both your wso‘s: Kindle Steps to Success & KINDLE KDP Select Program!!!

All I can say is wow!! These are great!, and I love how you explain how to write a book!

You are a genius!!!!!! Thank you!!! The Steve Jobs is a perfect example, who

would have ever thought this was possible?

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