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If you are SERIOUS about the Amazon Kindle business model, it is just simple logic that just one good “tip” could possibly put hundreds of extra dollars in your account! Not only is this high-value WSO in a very easy to follow step-by-step format, it is LOADED with the results of what was obviously extensive research and testing. Hours and weeks of testing are saved with the recommendations in this WSO. I highly recommend this WSO to those who plan to venture into Kindle publishing.


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I just purchased this WSO and I loved it! I buy 99.999% of the Kindle related WSOs so I’ve seen and read it all when it comes to Kindle. This ebook was sincere, authentic and gave me four excellent pieces of information that were missing from my Kindle aresenol. I highly recommend this WSO and I’m very happy I spent my hard earned Kindle dollars on it. I’m confident it will help me to make even more money with my Kindle publications.
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I purchased Rosa’s WSOrecently and am now writing my review from the standpoint of someone who bought it.I have to say I was impressed. Kindle marketing has become a new online business startegy for me and as a result I am drawn to any WSO that is Kindle-related. I did go through a few.

This one impressed me as Rosa provides some very valuable marketing tactics which I haven’t seen anywhere else. She also gives in-depth examples of what she does. She makes it very easy for you to follow. This is a newbie-friendly WSO.

I also have been in touch with her since buying the WSO with a few follow up questions and she gave me very detailed answers.

This WSO provides value. If you are looking to get into the Kindle busines or if you are already in it then Rosa’s WSO is a MUST as she provides a golden nugget that will give you an edge over other internet marketers.

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I have read several Kindle WSO‘s lately and Rosa brings something new to the table in her Steps to Success WSO. She shares a unique way of writing the content so you double your profits.It is a simple, easy to follow report, spaced out to 34 pages. In the text and screenshots, she clearly shows you step by step a method that is working for her to make bank with Kindle.

I also read Rosa’s other report and got some new ideas from it.

Kindle is a hot and profitable market right now and her WSO tips may just give you that extra edge to help increase your profits!

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Hi Rosa,I particularly enjoyed your ‘couplets’ strategy and the ways you ‘mixed and matched multiple ___________’ to create books that are guaranteed to be in demand

The ‘Steve Jobs’ example will be an eye opener for many…

This is a must read for anyone interested in making money on Kindle…

All in all an excellent read, and I certainly give it my stamp of approval…




Let’s go straight to the point: 2012 is the KINDLE Year!

I’m going to show you the EXACT steps that I took with my  2 Kindle books that got into the Best Sellers Category.


I DISCOVERED that you can actually sell HIGH QUALITY Kindle books in a category of your interest, so that you can create your books with passion!

What’s More! YOU ONLY NEED TO DO 15 MINUTES OF MARKET RESEARCH to CREATE your TABLE OF CONTENTS with HIGH QUALITY CONTENT, so that hungry buyers will keep buying your books over and over again!

The problem with must of us is that we struggle to create quality content and many people get frustrated and give up, and then they resort to PLR material. Amazon Kindle is slapping all PLR Kindle books. Many people already have their accounts banned.

What’s the point of creating Kindle Books that get buried and don’t sell & that people are not interested in buying? Nobody takes notice of our hard work. We’ve all been there!

I’m going to REVEAL TO YOU MY SECRET METHOD so that you too can CREATE YOUR OWN KINDLE SUCCESS with your Kindle Books.  For sure, you have not seen this APPROACH anywhere because I developed this method myself.

Kindle Publishing Secret Volume 1


1. If you want to write books that SELL, that people are hungry to buy, you need to CHANGE the starting point of how you do your Market Research.

2. This is a non-traditional way of approach to help you focus in your interest niche to write your books.

3. This UNIQUE approach of doing market research is FUN! When something is not fun, you lose interest. When something is not fun, you give up. With fun, you are going to tap into your creative mind with ingenuity!

4. You acquire a WORKABLE PLAN to write HIGH QUALITY CONTENT that sells, sells, and keeps selling.

5. You learn SIMPLE & FUN steps to arouse your readers so that they want to read, buy, buy, and keep buying! This is a 100% SURE WIN!

6. You only need about 15 minutes to build up a good Table of Contents with HIGH QUALITY CONTENT that hungry buyers want to read.

7. I show you _______ TRICK to save you time & how to DOUBLE your results when you create your books. Don’t spend all your time creating one book. When it comes to creating books, I work with ‘even numbers’. There is a practical reason to this.

8. You need to know some SPECIAL TIPS on how to use the KDP Select Program and pricing. This is a MAIN key to get high Royalty Fees on your books.

And much more…

You are going to learn how to rank your books along with the Best Sellers Authors.

  • You will learn how to increase your units book sales.
  • You will learn the whole SECRET METHOD of how I take one of these books to find my interest niche and to create the table of contents in 15 minutes. Believe me, it is so EASY. You would wonder why you never thought of it.
  • All you need to do is to follow My Secret Kindle Steps to Success to fast track your Kindle Success.
  • The result is almost IMMEDIATE after you publish your book.

In short, I show you the EXACT steps I did to get the above results for these 2 books.

You can do the same too.

In Kindle Publishing Secrets Vol. 1:

  1. I reveal to you the 2 different categories that you can work on for your kindle books
  2. I show you how to create the titles for your table of contents quickly
  3. I show you the couplet method strategy to overcome writing blocks
  4. I show you the reason behind the couplet strategy so that you can get one book to sell at a higher price
  5. I do not show you ‘how’ to write your book.  You need to do the writing yourself or you outsource the writing part.
I know there are many Kindle Products that are out in the market today. You do not need to worry about this being ‘duplicate content’ of things that you already know. The testimonials tell you how “UNIQUE” or “AUTHENTIC” this product is. Learn my “Clever” approach to create your QUALITY Kindle book ‘wisely’ with ‘less effort’. Get this today and Run with these Clever ideas to create Kindle books that hungry buyers would want to keep buying your books. Work SMART and invest your time and energy into books that sell.

The Kindle Marketing is changing every month since the KDP Select Program came on the scene in December 2011. This is the time to make the most of this program while it is fresh and new.


You Can Steal My 15 Minute Market Research Blueprint

To Start writing High Quality Kindle Books Today

Buy Now At this Low Price of $15


To your success,


More Testimonials from Customers who have bought this product:

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Very well Done Rosa.
If you are someone that needs direction, a little push….this is it.If writing, or being a publisher interests you………this is it.If you are just looking for a way to make some online money…….this is it.There maybe to some, that lack understanding, a bit of a lapse of confusion, but if you read it again, and sink your teeth into it…..the light will come on……..this is it.Very well done, and I recommend this for anyone interested into getting into the kindle world, and I wish everyone, including Rosa, much good luck in your future.Cheers
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Ok folks if you want to go mining in that there Amazon field I’d suggest you get this WSO (extremely value priced) and get to mining some Amazon (viral) veins of gold with what works right now not some old stuff that no longer works but someone is trying to get the last buck out of.Now Amazon is cracking some coconuts and they be good at it so do exactly like the master miner err Rosa says.And if you have never mined in the Amazon field at all then Rosa has you covered with newbie course offers (no they’re not OTO‘s) even more affordable then this WSO.My Regards and Success To You
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Ok… over the past few months i have been buying nearly every kindle strategy ebook out there as i am going to give it a go myself. Out of all my reading of various books i have found some very nice golden nuggets to take away from Rosa’s book.
Rosa has honestly demonstrated how she has become a success publishing Kindle books and i know that if i apply her strategies i will be off to a great start!Well done Rosa,
Keep up the good work and i wish you the best success on kindle.KME Byrne
Originally Posted by fushigi View Post

Hi Rosa,I like your WSO!

Thanks for sharing your success strategies for Kindle in simple easy to follow steps. I learned some tips and strategies from you that I can’t wait to implement.

I especially appreciate how you revealed specific examples from your own books which is something most people aren’t willing to do. I also like your down to earth style of explaining things in an easy to understand manner.

To anyone looking for some simple strategies and tips to get ahead in the kindle marketplace you can’t go wrong with this WSO.

Rosa reveals some gems to jumpstart your kindle publishing career.

Thanks again Rosa and best of luck with your WSO

Originally Posted by Yogini View Post

Hi Rosa,This is a great guide and I really appreciate the way you reveal your own writing on kindle (which as the other Deb mentioned, few warriors do). I am new to kindle and feel I have the steps to get started, but I believe anyone already published there will pick up new tips as well.

It is very helpful having screenshots and to me a pdf with screenshots is much easier than dealing with videos actually.

The details on niche exploration and putting together the table of contents is well explained and very creative. I already have some ideas for the categories and direction I want to develop.

You have a nice writing style and sincerity that shines through and are a natural teacher.



Originally Posted by jamesutterson View Post

Purchased this and I’m happy to highly recommendit.Simple and straightforward techniques which anyone can follow.

Looking forward to your next Kindle WSO, Rosa

Originally Posted by Valuegiver View Post
I’m an experienced Kindle publisher and can recommend this product to beginners. It’s light, easy and fun to follow and will set you in the right direction. The missing pieces can be obtained via her bonus material. I thought the technique pianorosa uses to generate chapters for her books was particularly clever.
Originally Posted by arrow77 View Post
Wowza! Can certainly see why folks are raving about this product. Clear cut with easy to follow steps along with screen shots. Top Notch Report along with being a great addition to other Kindle products out there.Thanks for this Great WSO
Originally Posted by Cindi Peery View Post

Hi Rosa,I just purchased your wonderful report yesterday. I found it to be excellent, consise and to the point. Very easy to follow along with your method! Great information.

Thanks much!



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