Kindle Secrets Vol 3


“Who Else Wants to Learn
My Kindle Killer Book Formula

That Gives You Steady Royalty Payment?

In this  Kindle Publishing Secrets #3, you will get:

1. My Latest Kindle Case Study: KKB Results & Proofs

2. My KKB Formula so that you get the same results!



2012 Is the Kindle Year!Seriously, how successful have you been with Kindle?

If you are still trying to get Kindle working for you easily, you MUST GRAB my KKB Formula!

Why am I writing a 3rd Report on Kindle?
  •  I want newbies to see that they do not have to be good at this until next month or next year down the road. I have a little advantage over you in that I have been working hard at Kindle for one year to find my Secret Kindle Path of Success! I am here to help you create your Kindle Path of Success.
  • This Latest Kindle Case Study shows you that this book was just published on Feb 14, 2012 on Valentine’s Day – Last week. This is a NEW book! A new book can sell very well right away!

You need the KKB Formula!
It’s that SIMPLE!

1. You will have my Latest Case Study on KKB!

  • I notated with screen shots what I did each day starting Feb 14th.
  • You will have all the proofs and results inside, so that you can follow EXACTLY the same path of success.
  • I don’t present some theory to you and secretly do something else myself.
  • I walk my Kindle walk right in front of you!

2. You will have my KKB Formula where I show you step-by-step how I key into the KKB niche.

  • Yes, I tell you exactly what categories and which niche the KKB is in. I even show you an alternate path that you can copy and start writing your KKB after you finish the report.

Nothing is over saturated with my KKB Formula. If you use ‘traditional approach’ to creating Kindle books, they are just Boring Kindle books and you will never beat the competition. Stop going on the Kindle traditional path!

  1.  Make a decision today to stop creating Traditional Boring Kindle Books. It’s no fun!
  2. Make a decision today to start creating Fun & Creative KKB Kindle Books.
Come and join me in the KKB 2012 Success Group!
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Make this 2012 a Kindle Year for you!To your success,



Originally Posted by handy
Just wanted to let you know that your WSO “Kindle Killer Book Formula” has been selected as one of the “Top 10 WSOs of the Week” by my WSOtracking service on creating a successful WSO!Take care, Andy (

Originally Posted by Paul Coleman View Post
Hi guys,This is a very fast, effective, and simple launch formula for Kindle books. Making it possible to quickly get to work on the next book and launch that one.A very open and honest guide. Highly recommended.Paul


Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post
Hi Rosa,I just bought your WSOand read it from cover to cover. Here is an excerpt of the review that goes out to my subscribers:Overall rating:
This is an excellent WSO. You are going to learn how to create books that sell like hot cakes on Kindle. The strategy is shown step-by-step using a case study and it’s completely white-hat and do-able.HP


Originally Posted by sherryp View Post
I grabbed this up as soon as I saw Rosa posted another Kindle WSO! I published my first book on Kindle last month and in the first month it sold $380, so I know just one Kindle book can be nice extra money. My goal for 2012 is to write one good-selling book a month.


Originally Posted by tehering View Post
Unsolicited Review:I purchased Rosa’s WSO this a.m. and found it to be a very good value. Picked up some very important tips I had not an inkling about. While I personally am not into the niche she uses in her case study, I truly believe her methodology will work no matter what your subject/topic interest.

Well-done Rosa!

Originally Posted by Guru_Marketing View Post

Just received a newsletter from Rosa:New Kindle WSO #3 is coming up, where Rosa will share secrets most people will never know about Kindle. The techniques she shared in the 1-st and 2-nd WSO‘s here at the Warrior forum were proven to work ones again. She got 7000 downloads with just one day promotion for a single book. I do not know about you, but I am quite excited.With this kind of ranking, you can get to the top 5 best sellers list in just 12 hours for a single category – it’s insane! :-)How do I know?I was using some of her strategies, and I got 4098 downloads (one day promotion) for a single book. In just 2 days after the promotion, and I got $385.75 on the US side and 30 pounds on the UK side. This got me to the #2 ranking for one category, and #3 for another in the Kindle’s best sellers – for that particular book.

So, I am confident that whatever she’s going to share in her third WSO would be an opportunity to at least begin to see the power of Kindle. If she can do it, or if I can do it, you can do it too.

This is my 3rd month in Kindle, it’s great! It can only get better! The key is to NEVER give up!

Chris Diamond

Originally Posted by Tracy411 View Post

Hi Rosa and fellow Warriors,I just purchased this book, and have already read through the entire book. Thanks to Rosa for starting this product at such an affordable price point. I enjoyed it thoroughly and am confident that I, or any Kindle newbie, could replicate her method and have a Kindle book making money very quickly.As Rosa states, it is a case study of how she got one Kindle book to make over $400 the first week using Kindle’s KDP program. Rosa provides a very clear, step-by-step explanation throughout. The book is nicely formatted, and the print is easy on the eyes. She provides scores of screenshots that illustrate her points beautifully and make it easy to follow along. While Rosa does not give away the title of the Kindle book that is the subject of this case study, she does reveal the niche. This is not something many who write WSOs do in my experience, and I feel it adds to her credibility. She discusses how anyone can follow her method to also become successful in that niche (or any other niche really). I highly recommend this bookif you want to get your Kindle e-book great exposure right off the bat, and into a money-making mode in its early days. I will add that if you are someone who has never published to Kindle before like me, you will need another source to learn all the nitty-gritty basics of doing that. That is not the purpose of this book. Rosa’s purpose is to show us how to turn a single book into a money-maker rather quickly. I believe she succeeds a doing that.Thank you, Rosa. I will report back with my results when I publish




Originally Posted by J.Agnew.JD View Post
I ditto the entire great review above in post 4. I purchased ALL of Rosa’s Kindle WSO‘s and every one of them is worth at least 1o times the tiny investment. THANKS again Rosa!!


Originally Posted by je9265 View Post
Great course, Rosa! I learned a few great tips, and really appreciate your step by step teaching style!
Originally Posted by marktheonlinesurfer View Post

I just went through Rosa’s WSO. I have to say I’m impressed!I purchased Rosa’s last two Kindle WSOs and was so pleased with the last two that I was highly anticipating this release.As always Rosa does an EXCELLENT job in explaining a STEP-BY-STEP Kindle Formula, just like she lays out in her sales letter.What makes this WSO stand out from other Kindle WSOs, is that it is a SPECIFIC CASE STUDY, ROSA walks you through what she did. She shares every step with you along with screen shots. She never leaves you in the dark for one second.

Other WSOs will give you a general idea of what you need to do but fail to give you SPECIFIC examples or even share a niche. They make you have to do a lot of guess work and potentially expensive split testing (in terms of your time and money). Rosa cuts that out from the equation.

I am actually beginning to get worried because she is way too generous in what she shares… Rosa, please take this WSO down soon!

I do want to give a big thank you to Rosa for helping me build my Kindle business. Before she came along I was seriously struggling in the IM niche and with her Kindle Success series she gave me a new lease on IM!

I highly recommend this WSO.

Originally Posted by jimitele View Post

Bought my copy and have just digested this.Though Kindle publishing is my speciality subject, I still picked up several practical tips from this gig that I intend to implement this weekend.Good job Rosa and good luck with sales.JT

Originally Posted by Guru_Marketing View Post
I highly recommend this WSOfor 6 reasons:1. She walks the talk.
2. Provides way more value than what it usually costs
3. It’s a pretty decent information
4. 2012 is really the Kindle’s year. If you notice on’s home page, they are constantly promoting their Kindle devices. The buyer’s rate continues to increase rapidly every single day. The more Kindle users, the greater the audience to promote your Kindbooks :-)
5. KDP Select books increased from 295,000 times in December to 437,000 times in January
6. If your book really sells in Kindle, Amazon is buying PPC ads (at their expense) with Google Adwords to promote your book.
There has never been a better time…Chris Diamond
Originally Posted by Olen548 View Post
I purchased Rosa’s last two Kindle WSOs and was so pleased with the last two that I was highly anticipating this release.[IMG]http://www.****************/002.jpg[/IMG]
Originally Posted by triumph View Post
I’ve become sort of obsessed with Kindle publishing in 2012, and have four series published and four more in the works. Some of the Kindle WSOs seem to rehash the one that got me started (Jonny Andrews <3) – so I can tell quickly whether a new one’s going to add to my skills and tactics.This one does! Rosa hits on a few snags I’ve run into and gives very practical tweaks I can make as I republish some titles that aren’t performing. I especially like her case study approach – makes for a very easy read.
Originally Posted by Valuegiver View Post
I’m an experienced Kindle publisher and I received a review copy of this WSO. Rosa always communicates with trademark positive energy and helpful screenshots. This is a winning combination that makes it easy to learn and to get started with Kindle.I highly recommend this material to beginners on Kindle as it helps you in a very direct and simple way to select a hot niche and build out the first book in your series.Rosa then includes step by step guidance in setting your new title up on the Kindle platform and offers sound advice for selecting keywords and categories. Information on formatting is not included in this material.I would have liked to see specific information on outsourcing the writing of the KBB book, but other than that, I think Rosa has again successfully created a WSO that supports and encourages readers to take action. Rosa is a gifted teacher whose enthusiasm and proactive approach is contagious, and I feel that Kindle newbies can expect to benefit from her unique way of teaching.
Originally Posted by Steve B View Post

Thanks Rosa,I bought the book and read it quick so I could get going on my next Kindle book. It’s an easy read … but there are a number of gems or “take aways” that make this a good purchase for the money!Of course, as with any WSO, you have to actually do something to make your purchase worthwhile.The author has over 200 Kindle books … she is someone I would pay attention to if I were going to publish on Kindle!


Originally Posted by brad0853 View Post
Rosa gives a very easy and direct formula for anyone interested in publishing to Kindle.
She is surprisingly open and honest about the niches she is targeting.
This is an excellent report, in fact I have bought all three of her reports now.
Originally Posted by maz1207 View Post
Hello Rosa, i received your free report updates today and i really like it. I like the way you elaborate your WSO, you guide me step by step and i feel as if you were teaching me live. What a great report for a wonderful price. Not all people will tell their secrets but you are different, you honestly shared what you have been doing to generate those amount of money on Kindle ebook. Thank you for your honest WSO and the free updates.
Originally Posted by Robert Boduch View Post
Whenever Paul Coleman recommends a product, I listen. It just makes good business sense to do so as Paul is a champion self-publisher on Kindle and elsewhere.I was late getting this, but I’m glad I did. Also picked up the other two Kindle reports Rosa offers and there are gems in each one. It’s inspiring for anyone to see what one can do with an effective strategy and a “let’s get down to business” approach. Here Rosa reveals her own creative techniques and the numbers they produce. Well worth the investment.


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