Kindle Secrets

Kindle Publishing Secrets Volumes

I developed the following courses for my students in the span of about 3 months.

When I first developed the courses, they were not meant to be a “complete comprehensive course on Kindle.”  The courses were created for people who already have some experience in Kindle Publishing and that’s why I do not have ‘videos’ and ‘information’ about how to sign up for your account for the Kindle Publishing Platform.  If I include all this material, many Kindle veterans will find the courses slow going.

Many Kindle publishers want ‘flashes of insights’!

Having said that, these kindle courses are newbie friendly because it will help  new people to know how to “JUMPSTART” their Kindle business without trial and error.  I have done a lot of testing for you already, so what you are getting are ‘hindsights’, ‘wisdom from failure’, ‘fresh grounds’ to venture forth to your Kindle Business.

I call these courses: Kindle Secrets!

The Kindle Secrets Volumes were created in the following order. You do not need to necessarily have to read them in any particular order. However, if you are a newbie, I would suggest that you proceed in the order that I have set up so that you can follow closely how to expand on your Kindle Empire.

Kindle Secret Volume 1 – Fast Track Method To Write Best Sellers Books

Kindle Secret Volume 2 – Learn how to use KDP Select Program & Pricing Strategies

Kindle Secret Volume 3 – Kindle Killer Book – A Specific Kind of Recipe Book Series

Kindle Secret Volume 4 – Kindle Formatting Formula

Kindle Secret Volume 5 – Kindle Hot Niche – Brain Game Book Series


Kindle Secret Vol 1 to Vol 4:  The Key is in the Method, Tricks & Tips!

I do not go into ‘how’ to write your actual books.

Kindle Secret Vol 5:  The Method, Tricks & Tips, Formatting, and HOW to write your game books are FULLY REVEALED!  Even formatting templates, power point templates, Word templates, Open Office Templates are all given so that you can just follow the whole plan of this hot niche!


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