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2012 Kindle Publishing Secrets Volume 1

7 Fast Track Secret Kindle Steps




2012 Kindle Publishing Secrets Volume 2

Powerful Effective Strategy of KDP To Skyrocket Your Sales!



2012 Kindle Publishing Secrets  Volume 3

Kindle Case Study – Kindle Killer Book In the Cooking Niche!



2012 Kindle Publishing Secrets  Volume 4

Kindle Formatting Formula

Kindle Formatting Formula$15


2012 Kindle Publishing Secrets  Volume 5

Kindle Hot Niche – Brain Game Series

Kinde Not Niche - Brain Game$19


BUNDLE OF 2 SPECIAL: Vol 1 & Vol 2

$21   Special 


BUNDLE OF 3 SPECIAL: Vol 1,  Vol 2,  Vol 3

$37 Special


9 Responses to Kindle Products

  • Maz says:

    Hello, this is a great ebook. I bought the part 2 and part 3, it teaches me step by step on setting up my ebook from beginning to end on Amazon. I learned how to make a research on finding hot niches or topic, this is suitable for newbies like me. I really like this ebook, i believe we can make money from it if we do as Rosa has guide us to do. One more thing that this is really inspirational. Thanks!

  • Hello from Montana,
    I have been struggling to get my parenting books in the right categories and this really helped me to drill down to find just the right niche.

    Thanks for your important work. Keep reading and writing.
    Judy Helm Wright

  • Ervin says:

    Hi Rosa,
    I bought your kindle products a few weeks ago. I have finished my kindle eBook. But, I’m having trouble following your kindle formatting for the t.o.c.
    This is one of the last items to do & creating an ebook cover. Then I can put it to the amazon site.
    Any suggestions? I would appreciate.
    Thank you.

    • rosa says:

      Hi Ervin, I have written to your email to help you out. Please let me know so that we can get your amazon book up quickly. We should be able to find a solution quickly. Rosa

  • I have bought three of Rosa’s books: Kindle Steps to Success, Kindle Formatting Formula and Kindle Hot Niche.
    All three are excellent, particularly for beginners to Kindle Publishing. Rosa has a brilliant knack for writing just the steps you need to take to getting your book formatted for Kindle, to finding the right niche for it and to publish it. She doesn’t waste words, she just gives outstanding advice and is generous with her know-how.
    Buy her books; you will not regret it.
    Tessa Warburg

  • Rosa, thanks for the great case study. I followed it very close and then uploaded my first 3 books on April 9, 2012. A week later I uploaded my last book. I joined the kdp select program which you suggested in the case study. I then ran my breakfast book and it got 15,600 downloads. Wow! In just 2 weeks I made over $700. Thanks so much for helping all of us with your case studies. You can check out my books here if you want:

  • Julie Taylor says:

    Hello Rosa,

    I have just bought your bundle of two books (Transaction ID: 2BH47091U7172605P) but did not receive the letter to confirm so that I can receive my downloads. This happened once before too and no, it’s not in my junk mail.

    Please help?


    • rosa says:

      HI Julie, Thanks for your purchase. I will send the links to you directly. Rosa

    • rosa says:

      Hi Julie, I got your email and I replied you in the email, but the email returned to me with failure notice. I did that about 5 times already. Can you write to me again with another email address?

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