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Mega Special Graphics – Kindle Covers, WP Book Themes, Comic Strips Characters…


Max Rylski is offering a Big Discount of his professional design graphics to all Kindle Publishers for only $20

=>  The Monster Bundle has 50 Professional Graphics Sets

You  get $9,295 worth of design source files and templates for just $20!! :)

This deal is so good  ;) that I will just highlight a few things for kindle publishers.


The following Modules are good for Kindle Publishers:


5 Kindle Book Covers Templates

Kindle Book Covers


5 Flyer Templates Turn to Kindle Covers:

Kindle Fun Covers


Cartoon Characters for your E Books:


Cartoon Characters



Creative Facebook Covers to promote your Ebooks

Facebook Covers


Comic Strips to write your Comic Kindle Books


Comic Strips


HTML Templates to promote your Ebooks

WP Squeeze page



WP Publisher Theme

WP theme ePublisherTheme

WP theme ePublisherTheme


WP Book Author Theme

WP Book Author Theme

WP Book Author Theme



Turn your Kindle Books to Smart 3 D ecovers

3D Smart ECovers

3D Smart ECovers


All of the above for only $20.  Not to mention there are 80% more material that is not posted here.

You get developer license for all of these modules.

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==> For those who want to get the PLR of this entire product + 7 more bundles to resell – all for only $97 today!

#1: PLR to Big Design Bundle content (over $9,000)

#2: Copy of Big Design Bundle sales page ($297 value)

#3: Short Codes Deluxe with developer rights ($127 value)

#4: High Res eCovers Pro with developer rights ($97 value)

#5: Click and Drag Graphics V2 with developer rights ($97 value)

#6: All my Marketing Graphics Toolkit packages with developer rights($60 value)

#7. 2 unreleased products with developer rights ($34 value)

#8: 13 of my latest graphics products with developer rights ($221 value)




Kindle Ritual 2014 Mega Product


Brian Johnson has created a Kindle Ritual Program for his students to succeed in 2014.

This is a fantastic program where you get detail instruction and tips to Kindle Publishing.  The program takes you  into a membership site with a Forum support.

In the membership site you get 7 Big Modules with lots of step by step sub headings with short videos to guide you along each step of the way.

Take a look at the video to see the mega amount of material you get.


These are all up-to-date 2014 info.


==> Get the program here today!





Kindle Clone Website

Kindle Clone Site


How  would you like to have your very own Kindle Website with Best Sellers kindle books in different categories?

This website is very easy to set up as everything is done for you.

Take a look at this Kindle books website I created:


It took me about 15 minutes to set up the website and keying in my Amazon ID & Access Key.

Once you have done that, you get commission to everybook that is bought via your website.

1.  The NEAT thing is that you can slowly add new tabs of your own books there.

2.  Another thing that I am now doing is to put in this website’s link into my kindle books.

==>  Read more about the Unlimited Version of the Kindle Clone Store to make this website!

The Unlimited Version gives you much more flexibility and content –  a 10X Bigger Books Data Base, 5X more automated content + target 30+ niches.   You don’t need to update the website yourself. You can have your website updated every week using the control cpanel.

It took me only 15 minutes to put up the entire website, Coolice says he can put it up for you if you do not know how to upload the entire package onto your domain name for free.  Once you get it up and running, you only need to change the Amazon ID and your access keys.

Kindle Ritual


This is a Brand New Up-To-Date Kindle Course: Kindle Ritual






 ==>  Get the Kindle Ritual at 20% off

  • Complete step-by-step instructional videos!
  • You can use the complete software app for your Kindle books and formatting!
  • Leverage with social media to get GENUINE Kindle REVIEWS!
  • Use his Kindle Ritual system to get your books ranking as best sellers within a month’s time.

WP Theme for Kindle Authors

Here is the Great WP Theme for Kindle Authors!!

Get this ProReview WP theme to put in your Kindle books or ibooks that you have created in Amazon or ibookstores.

Watch the video and look at the amount of material & training that you get:


You get these Kindle Training Classes. Eachvideo  is at least 1 hour long.

They give you lots of  Kindle TIPS!

My Favorites are:

1.  5 Reasons that Kindle Author Fails

2. How to Design Compelling Kindle Book Covers

3. How to Turn Musty Old Magazines Into Kindle Books

4. How To Become A Trusted Authority with your iBooks.


WP Kindle Classes

WP Kindle Classes


Here is a screen shot of only 20 out of the 100  WP Professional Themes you get in the Platinum Member area. You even get resellers rights.

Make money with these themes. Sell them on your blog and at FIVERR!


WP 100 Themes



 ==> Grab this Great WP Made Easy & WP Theme & Kindle Training for $9.95 ONLY. This is a SUPER DEAL!!


Kindle-Pinterest Website

Pinterest Kindle Website


How Would You like To Combine Kindle + Pinterest Together For Your Kindle Promotion Books?

Make a Website that has a LOOK-alike Pinterest Website but it is actually your website?

Stay Tuned!  Exciting Things ahead!

Click to take  a look at what the website looks like on Business Books

==> Get this Website Tool to Tap Into the Power of Kindle Books with Pinterest Today!


Here are a few of the things this package comes with:

Lina actually provides a case study that details one of her niche sites that is making a small profit and she lays out exactly how she marketed the site step-by-step so you can replicate her niche idea if you choose. The EXACT steps you need to take to clone one of
Lina’s sites (and it does not have a risk of becoming oversaturated).

The EXACT ads that she used to promote her site, in fact she provides all the PSD files for the ads, as well as Word versions that can be edited by noobs in any word processing program (ie. Open Office, Microsoft Word)

How you can take her model and expand it into other sites.

How you can increase your Amazon commissions with this Pinterest theme.

==> Click Here to Sign Up For  the Training!


Additional Resources

If you need some Pinterest Videos to use the Pinterest site effectively, you can buy these products here:

1.  Pinterest Expert -$7

2. Auto Pinterest Software