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The NEWEST Course just LAUNCHED!  Get this course if you wish to upload your Videos onto Amazon Video Direct.  I’ve been through the mess for 2 months and this course will save you tons of time! It takes AVD at least 2 weeks to approve your videos. So get them correct in your first upload!

Newest Course Launched: For all Online Teachers

How To Clean Audio Files Effectivey with Audacity in Minutes


Online Business at Skillshare – Newbies & Veterans

Skillshare Success # 1:  Use your Magic ID Referral for Marketing & Earn

Skillshare Success # 2:  Maximize Premium Students Enrollment for Royalty

Skillshare Success # 3:  Win $$$ Bonuses & Rewards from Skillshare Today

Skillshare Success # 4:  Skyrocket Sales by Increasing Followers & Engaging Students

Skillshare Business #5: Increase Serial Watchers to Increase Minutes Watched

Skillshare Business #6: Smart Tips to Trend High Using Smart Class Tags

Amazon Video Direct &  Closed Captions Trainings

Amazon Video Direct – Mass Production – Platform, Uploading, Organizing &  CC Files

Closed Captions Training # 1:  Amazon wants correct CC Files

Closed Captions Training # 2:  Edit your CC Files Smartly – Step by Step Tutorial

Closed Captions Training # 3:  Free Resource Tools To Do CC Smartly




Udemy Business Courses:  These courses are a MUST if you want to succeed in Udemy Black Friday Sales that they run every November.

Udemy # 1 – Udemy Secrets – Leverage Black Friday Sales​

Udemy # 2 – Udemy Secrets in Creating Udemy Courses in 7 Days – High Quality​

Udemy # 3 – Udemy Sucess in Internal Marketing​

Udemy # 4 – Udemy Instructors Secrets to Get to Top Paid right away​

Udemy # 5 – Fast track from Kindle to Udemy​

Udemy # 6 – Udemy Business – Smart Udemy Instructor + Udemy Affiliate​

Udemy # 7 –  Quick Fixes & Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Sales

Udemy # 8 – Tap Into Udemy Serial Buyers in Big Times


Kindle Business – My Favorite Business!

Kindle Secrets # 1: Kindle Launches – Old & New Kindle Books to Best Sellers​

Kindle Secrets # 2: Kindle Preorders – Get to Best Sellers Right Away before Launch​

Kindle Secrets # 3: Perfect Kindle Formatting in EZ Steps – Most popular course

Enjoy and purchase these courses before the 12 hours is up!


The Value of Creating Journal / Work books

The Value of Creating these Journal / Workbooks for your Business – be it Kindle Or Online School (Udemy, Teachable, Skillshare, etc)

One of the best things about being a writer and publisher is the ability to

deliver what people want. And one of the hottest niches that audiences

are craving right now are interactive books like journals & workbooks.  

Journals are hot-bestsellers in a huge variety of niches such as:

  • Self-help
  • Exercise
  • Business Growth
  • Religious study
  • Creativity
  • Quotes
  • Do It Yourself Training


For many of us who already have hundreds of books on Kindle, you can create WORKBOOKS to complement all your already published books, whether it is business books, inspirational books, self help books, teaching books, training manuals, Christian devotion books, novels, fiction stories, etc.

As you many of you know, we can earn a lot of royalties via Createspace publishing with these kind of books as they do all the printing for you.

For many of us who already have dozens of courses in our online school or at Udemy and Skillshare, create Supplementary Workbooks to your courses! Students love them.

Tip and Trick:  These Supplmentary Workbooks are EZ to create!

My friends, Amy and Debbie, created a new powerful software to help all Kindle publishers to get these journals/workbooks done in 3 minutes.

It is quick and easy to get a book done quickly without all the fuss and frustrations.  Imagine the time you save and the volume of books you are able to build to at least double your Revenue Sales very quickly.

I’ll write out a simple plan for you to get started as this is what I do:

  1.  Use the software to create 3 minute Journal / Work books.
  1.  Create these journal or Work books to go alongside with your existing Kindle books or any of your online courses.  Put a link in the beginning of the journal / workbook to point to the Kindle book.
  1.  Upload the Journal / Workbook onto the Kindle bookshelf.
  1.  Go to the Kindle bookshelf and put  the workbook link to the Kindle book to point to this new Journal / Workbook.
  1.  Use KDP Select for the first 90 days.
  1.  Remove the Journal / Workbook from the KDP Select Program and make this journal/ Workbook available in other book publishing platforms.

That’s it!  You must have a ‘business mind’ to create these journaling/workbooks effectively & effortlessly!

Start doing this today and you can crank up at least 10 books a day to fill your Kindle bookshelf and start doubling and tripling your Revenue.  Always put links in there to internally market your books to your online school.  You are creating value for your students and customers & at the same time, they serve great as marketing tools to  build your brand!

==> Watch the quick video here to see how to create Journal Workbooks in 3 minutes!


Wishing you all success,






Udemy Affiliate


Milestone in Udemy – 15K

It is easy to share your skill and success with your students in Udemy.

Here is the May, 2015 Report:

Udemy success with Rosa

90% off – Courses in Udemy

There are lots of Kindle Courses that are quite good over  at Udemy.

Udemy runs sales every now and then – you can get 90% off courses.

Learn on Udemy Today!


Save 65% on almost any course! Limited time offer!


This is amazing sales. You are paying less than $15 to courses that cost over $199.




Kindle Membership Site

Some of my students have inquired about Geoff Shaw’s Kindle Membership Site.

There are a lot of resources and Kindle tips for Kindle Publishers.

I have captured a few screen shots from the front page of the Kindle Membership so that you can see what kind of topics and resources are covered in this membership site.

Since the start of this membership back in 2012, a lot of topics have added into the site.  On the left, I put a red box around the topics that are covered in this membership site.


Kindle Membership Site


Kindle Membership Site


Kindle Membership Site


Kindle Membership Site


Kindle Membership Site


As you can see, there are a lot of topics covered.  For those who are interested in the fiction areas, you will find tons of material here.

The membership site is ONE Time Fee for life.  There is no need to renew.

==> Click To Register Here for $127 now before the price goes up.

Also there are lots of videos to guide you along. :)





Kindle Books Descriptions – $12 Software


This is a fantastic software to help Kindle Publishers to  use the right key words to the ‘description’ of books.


The Software is easy to use:


1.  Type in your Keywords here.

2.  The list of books appear right in front of you with the descriptions.

3.  Scroll down and read through them.


I have a book on Diet Smoothie, so I key in those keywords:



4.  Export to CSV file:

a.  Look at the Keywords

b.  Look at the Sales rank

c.  Can click on the url to view the book

d.  Look at the Descriptions.



This will help you know what keywords to use, and how others write descriptions.

This software gives you QUICK and FAST info you need when you put in the descriptions of your book.


==> Just Launched!  Click to Get this software for $12.





Free Book – Kindle Publishing For Beginners



Here is a Free Book by Kindle Renegade – Kindle Publishing For Beginners!

I realize that some of my new students who are just starting out on Kindle Publishing, you need some more basic guidelines regarding Kindle Publishing.

Download this free book to get you started.

The book has 3 chapters:

 Chapter 1: How To Set-Up Your Kindle Account – 4 Steps

Chapter 2: How To Publish On Kindle – 5 Steps

Chapter 3: How To Outsource Kindle Writing – Resource Guide


Download Kindle Marketing – Kindle Publishing – Kindle Renegade


For Beginners who need to get a more Overview with Videos, you can get the following products at $5 Discount.
1. Kindle Publishing System – Complete Video Course with Reseller rights —  $5 Only

2.  A 10 Module Video Course – Complete Overview for Kindle Publishers – $5 Only

These are 2 different video courses.

Both of these Kindle Video Courses complement  one another.

Get Simple Video Pro To Promote Kindle Books


This is a 2012 GAME CHANGER! Using Videos as a Marketing Tool Has Never Been Easier!

Get Simple Video Pro To Promote Kindle Books & your Products!

Simple Video Pro is more than JUST a Video “Player”

It’s a “Video Marketing Platform”!!!

…. all the things people say they wish they had are here – just check out the benefits by watching the Video!




==> Click Here to Get this Value Simple Video Pro for Your Business Success Today!


Further Update:

WOW!  I can’t tell you the MAGIC of this plug in.

Not only is this SIMPLE to use, but it is generating a faster promotion, and more income for me because of the ‘paypal’ button that I am able to install into the video.

With the Simple Video Pro, this is what I am able to do with my videos in my hobby site.  This is generating a faster promotion and more sales for me because of the social viral buttons embedded in the videos.

Voila!  Here is a screenshot of what I have put in my own promotional video.  It’s amazingly SIMPLE!

I set my ‘Buy Button’ to appear 10 seconds into the video.  And when you click the ‘buy button’ in the video page, it goes to the paypal page.

Watch this video yourself.

 You need to mouse over the video to see the Viral Buttons – facebook, twitter and pin it!


I’ve been using the Video Pro for the last 2 weeks for my piano course launches in the last 2 courses.

You see my videos with the viral buttons here:  Piano Technique Pinterest Website ! I am actively using this video pro plug-in for my video promotions.  Click on this one that I did on last week’s launch.  I set it as ‘not’ auto play so that visitors need to mouse over the video to see the viral buttons easily.  I can’t embed the ‘paypal button’ on this one because of the drop down menu. If you have only one price – the paypal button works.

For the last 2 weeks, I see my subscribers posting my videos onto their facebook pages, tweeting them and also in Pinterest (Wow!!!).  This has certainly generated lots more sales than just embedding my own you-tube videos 😉


This is very EZ to set up – it only took me less than an hour to go through all the video tutorials!

If you are into Clickbank promotional products, this is definitely a MUST!  Simple Video Pro will save you tons of time with the promotion and you can embed affiliate links in there easily!

You can promote your Kindle Books or use your affiliate links to promote the Best Sellers Kindle Books!  I have more to share about this but I will probably just share via email since I don’t have time to write a product because of many things that are going on right now.

The possibilities are just endless.  Even though it is only 1 Year Update – I am already using it and have covered the initial cost of the license.

 ==> Click Here to Find Out More About More 

&  Get the $47 Personal Unlimited License Here! 

The launch will close & Price will go up after the Labor Day Weekend

So be sure to get your license before Sept 3rd!


Have a great weekend,


P.S.  If you are still looking for blog websites, grab these done-for-you ready to go websites to get some easy passive income!


Really, making money can’t be easier with all these easy to use websites.

Fiverr X & Kindle


Website Templates


FOR All My Readers!

I had wanted to wait until I launch my next WSO to show this  Pinterest website.

But with Megan’s recent launch of Fiverr X, I need to go with the flow and  show this to you earlier so that you can get on with creating your product quickly! Some things can wait and some things can’t wait! And you will know why as you read on!

These are ‘fun’ days for us who are already Publishing in Kindle.


Here’s  a strategy you can use to combine:

1.  Fiverr X  (Click to get Fiverr X Here!)

2.  Kindle


1.   Fiverr X  shows you a QUICK method to tap into Fiverr resources.

The method shows you how EZ it is to create a high quality product people are hunting to buy from you. This method cannot be saturated because it depends on what you decide!


2.  Get these READY DONE FOR YOUR 90 Templates for 10 Niches  – $1 a Niche Template

to put your product up on your website immediately with a few clicks!

You can choose any of the following to suit your needs:

  • 20  WP Templates 2 columns
  • 20  WP Templates 3 columns
  • 20  HTML templates
  • 10  Squeeze pages for 10 Niches


3.   Here is the Kindle TIP:

Write a short Kindle Report on your product and put everything in summary form!  Sell it for .99


Here’s an outline of what you can do this week & for many weeks to come:

  • Day 1:   Decide what you are going to do.
  • Day 2:  Outline your steps!  Tap into Fiverr!
  • Day 3:  Click here to get an appropriate website template here!
  • Day 4:  Put your product & website together!
  • Day 5:  Compile a short Kindle Book in the form of a report of your product! Sell it for .99

Get KDP Select Secrets   to use KDP Select effectively!

   Be sure to put your website  link in your Kindle book to drive traffic there!

  • Day 6:  Watch your sales go up – both Kindle & your product!
  • Day 7:  Rest!


Rinse and Repeat every week!

Imagine if you create a product a week and working only 2 hours a day! That’s all!

It only takes a few hours to create the product!

It only takes a few hours to write that Kindle Report Book.

With this plan, you can just FOCUS on this and see what happens!

You cannot but succeed my friend!