Udemy Coaching Program

Ever since 2014, we have been coaching Udemy instructors to create high quality Udemy courses & to become a Best Selling Udemy Instructor on the Udemy platform.

Our Coaching Program will help you thrive in these areas:

  1.  Create Udemy Courses Efficiently & Effectively
  2.  Understand the Udemy platform in order to get your courses approved quickly
  3.  Learn some internal marketing skills within the Udemy platform
  4.  Know how to write Educational announcements to feed your students
  5.  Capture the marketing skill in the Promotional Announcements
  6.  Involve yourself in the different Coupon groups for some external marketing
  7.  Prepare yourself every year for the Big time in the November Black Friday Udemy Sales
  8.  Most of all, build a stable business with stable monthly income!

Due to the Global Time Differences, we are only able to accommodate students in the coaching program via weekly emails.

  1. The Coaching program is designed to tailor made to meet your needs
  2. Every week you write a report of your progress & send to us by Monday 8 AM.
  3. The next day, within 24 hours, you will receive a report from Rosa.  She will evaluate your weekly progress and coach you on what you need to do, what changes to make, what strategies to use, what marketing tips to thrive in, and how you can move forward to the next step via the Email progress report.

During the week, you will prepare your weekly report and send them out only on Monday morning.  With each weekly report we receive, you will receive weekly evaluation in the coaching program within the following 24 hours.

You need to take the initiative for weekly accountability.

Success will come your way as you get direct coaching and tips from Rosa.

Normally students will enroll into a half a year coaching program.

You can try out this subscription program whereby you pay $200 every 4 weeks.   
The payment is $50 / week coaching & you will be paying this on a monthly basis.

If you find that you have become successful in Udemy and do not need the coaching program any longer, you can stop the subscription any time.

Get in touch with me at:  rrsuen (at) gmail (dot) com

Wishing you all success,



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Here Wishing All Mothers – Happy Mother’s Day!

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Wishing you much success with your Home Business!