Using Scrivener Software to Expand Kindle Publishing


Lately, you have probably heard about the big buzz about using Scrivener Software

to expand your Kindle Book publishing business.


For the past 2 years, I have been expanding my ebook publishing to other platforms like Apple,

Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, Scribd, Sony, etc.


If you have a lot of books on your bookshelf, it is worth expanding your publishing business

to other platforms.  If your books are doing well in Amazon, be sure to take your books out

of the KDP select program so that you can make your books available to other platforms.

In this way, you can get more sales from the one book that you have created.


Imagine, if you have 50 books in your Kindle Bookshelf, you can now put these 50 books

to 10 other platforms, making your books available 10X More.


Usually what I do is to get the books selling in Amazon first using the KDP Free and Count

down promotions.  Once the book is selling well, I take the books out of the KDP Select Program

and put the books to at least 10 other platforms.


To do this means that you need to find an EASY way to format your books into the formats

that the other platforms require.  Scrivener Software program is the solution to this.


1.  You can get the Scrivener Program for only $40 from Amazon.  This is the cheapest.

==> Click Here to get the software.


2.  A guided program to use the Scrivener Program

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David Martin just launched this Training program to help you through so that it is very EZ to

use the software.  Follow someone who knows all the tips and tricks to use the software effectively.


There is a total of 18 modules with 101 clear guided videos.  


The videos  are short and to the point.  They are all specifically captioned so that you can

easily find them to refer to whenever you want to.


I am impressed with the entire training.  You are shown how to import your documents

with drag and drop, import and split, organizing your files and folders in one place,

rearranging and converting, using corkboard, using novel template and compiling the manuscript,

thesaurus, text, statistics, project targets, tracking changes, synchronizing with drop box,

text to speech, etc.

This will handle all the formatting issues for you in the multi-platforms to publish your ebooks.

Create Coupons In Minutes – Viral Coupon Creator Software

My friends,

I am now using this EZ Viral Coupon Creator  Software to Create Professional Coupons for my customers.

The software is easy to use and you can create coupons by clicking a few buttons.

Just Drag & Drop!  NO NEED to use Photoshop.

Once they are created, you can save them into your computer and put them

into your Kindle books, blogs, facebook, pinterest, etc.  In fact, the software has

buttons for facebook, pinterest, and wordpress blogs so that you can post directly

onto them right away.

In the software, you get 25 Already Done For You Templates for you to choose.

All you need to do is to select the template, and then type in your own WORDS.

That’s how EZ it is.  Click, Click, Click…and type your choice of  words. That’s it!


In the OTOS, they are a steal. There is  a large collection of ready made Niche Coupon Templates on top of the above 25 basic templates.

The 36 niche templates cover Beauty, Cars, Dentist, Fitness, Pizza, Restaurant Niches.

For eg.  For my Recipe Kindle Books, I will choose one of the following and then give my customers special coupons to buy another one of my recipe diet books.

Or for my piano courses, I will choose one of the following free coupons to attract them to get a free course.

My students love these coupons and they invite friends to my site:


Take a look at the following video and you will see how EZ it is to use with this software:


 ==> Launching Today & Get This Software Now at a Discount Price! This will save you tons of  time.


Kindle Review Accelerator Software

Use Kindle Review Accelerator Software



  1.  To Get Book Reviews The Faster and Easier Way
  2. Getting Legit Reviews for Your Book is Now Made 10 Times Easier
  3. Getting relevant reviewers in your Niche is made much quicker with this software
  4. This is an automated solution


You’ve published your book…but unless you start getting some reviews, your book is never going to climb the rankings at Amazon.


The most effective review you can have is from someone who reviews books in your niche!! But how do you find relevant reviewers without spending hours searching for the right information?

With Publisher’s Review Accelerator, Amy Harrop and Debbie Drum have introduced an automated solution that allows you to find reviewers in minutes, not hours or days. And they even reveal how to contact these reviewers in order to get your book reviewed.

This is groundbreaking automation that removes your biggest hurdle: Getting Reviews.

==>  Click to Watch the demo video here to see how it works!
The software also comes with a guide for how to follow-up and actually get reviews.





60% Off – New eCover Pro for Kindle, Smashwords …


I’m always on the look out for Great eBook Cover Software that can make sizzling covers for Kindle, Smashwords . . . where there is no need to use photoshpo or gimp or other graphic expertise.

My friend, Lee, has just launched a eCover Maker Pro with hundreds of fonts and shapes available.

This eCover software is different from other softwares in that I can adjust the image brightness, color, size, fonts, shapes, etc.

Take a look at the video here:


With eBook Cover Maker Pro you can create an eBook cover image in under 5 minutes & make adjustments easily by clicking a few buttons. No graphics expertise needed.

EBook covers can be made for any reader – Kindle, Nook, iPad, and more. It’s very easy to make a cover. And you can be as simple or creative as you like.

Use the tabs at the top of the program to go through the eBook Cover making process.

Once all the steps are complete, simply save the image as a JPEG, TIF, or PNG and then upload it to Amazon.

This affordable software can save you hundreds of dollars.


Here are the benefits with the  eBook Cover Maker Pro Software:

• Can make cover images for Kindle, iPad, Nook and more…

• Create any sized eBook cover

• Add any image or photo

• Use any font (tons of fonts included)

• Easy to customize

• Color picker for exact matching

• More text effects than online eCover makers. Add a text border, text shadow, texture and more

• Undo and redo changes fast

• Save $$$ and control your results

• Covers are saved and can be edited easily

• Use shapes to create separate text areas


Right now you can get your copy of this downloadable software for $17 at the starting price, just launched.  This is only a ONE time fee.

==> Click to  get your copy now while it is 60% Off Now!

This is a software made so easy that you can use for your long term projects.

And if you combine the software with these newly created templates – you got it made!

==> Get these Templates for only $9.  The templates are a winner here!








Viral Image Software – Kindle, Pinterest, Blogs


Viral Image Curator Pro is an all in one – COMPLETE!

For the first time ever, with Viral Image Curator Pro we have an all-in-one!

It’s  simple, huge-time-saving PC or Mac app running Adobe Air for:

Finding (free sources include over 100 million images copyright-free)
Storing (on your hard disc and/or zap to any WP media library)
Editing (re-size, properties borders etc, Meme creation too!)

Creating eBook Covers & pictures for my ebooks.

Posting, Blogging, Pinterest, Viral Sharing and Bookmarking on multiple FB and Twitter accounts.

With Viral Image Curator Pro, that’s what you can do, with an ease, simplicity and time efficiency that will blow you away.


Watch the Video Demo Here!  Huge is showing you how to post images in blogs, twitter, facebook!  You use the same idea for your Kindle Books Cover Images to make your kindle books viral.

FIRST: Find Copyright Free Images, Store, Manage
at the Click of a Button
for all Your Internet Marketing needs.

For eg. I am now working on a Kindle Recipe book on: Halloween Pumpkin Pies.  I key in those keywords and there’s an output of pages of lots of free images I can use.  Here is an example:


  • Find images by keyword from over 100 million free-to-use images
  • One click research attribution on the image (to ensure copyright free)
  • One click save to hard disc
  • One click upload to any of your blogs media libraries.  Returns permalink.
  • One click open editor to change size etc prior to the above.
  • One click post to Facebook of the images as-is (post to MULTIPLE fan pages and FB profiles)

Before I go on, can you see the benefit already for your Kindle Business?

SECOND:  Edit  Image if You Choose for Viral Marketing   You can further edit the image, adding words, borders, backgrounds, urls and sales messages – without the hassles and time needed for more complex image programs.

THIRD: Use Your Images – Post, Upload and Bookmark

Apart from the wide range of general IM uses of the images you find generally, also:

  • We have a full featured multi-blog posting command and control center.  Unlike the limited WYSIWYG editor in WP, we have a FULL-FEATURED WYSIWYG to easily create beautiful posts for any of your blogs.You need never go to your blog to create a post again (won’t want to in fact)!
  • One click to insert an image into your post – also this image is set as the featured image, increasingly used in themes now (and is the image that FB will pick up in the step below).
  • You then post to your blog with one click, setting the time of posting as you choose, category etc and choosing either “post” or “page”.
  • Now the viral part.  You can bookmark that blog post (bookmark the post url itself) to MULITPLE Facebook Fan Pages (multiple profiles too) and MULTIPLE Twitter accounts, with AUTOMATIC use of bitly shortened url in the bookmarks (f you choose).

All at the click of a button – multiple account bookmarks with automatic bitly shortening.  Pretty cool!


==> This Software  is very cheap!



Kindle Ritual


This is a Brand New Up-To-Date Kindle Course: Kindle Ritual


 ==>  Get the Kindle Ritual at 20% off

  • Complete step-by-step instructional videos!
  • You can use the complete software app for your Kindle books and formatting!
  • Leverage with social media to get GENUINE Kindle REVIEWS!
  • Use his Kindle Ritual system to get your books ranking as best sellers within a month’s time.

Kindle Killer Covers – Create them In Seconds


Kindle Killer Covers – Create them In Seconds

Take a look at what you get in this Software:  A Simple Point & Click Editor

  • You can customize your cover with your own images and text!
  • It allows you to do layers with one click!  No need to use Photoshop.
  • Can send any elements to the front or back of the canvas.
  • You can change background color with one click.



These are the Features that you get:

Killer Kindle Covers In Seconds


The following screen shots and you can see how EZ it is to make a cover.  It takes only 5 minutes.

1.  Point & Click – Background!


2.  I put the Cursor at the top – Customize at will…. and type what I want:

So for my eBook Cover, I want to say: Become a Kindle Publisher This Year – 2012

Point & Type – WYSIWYG

That’s how simple it is!


3.  I point & Type My Title:

Then Click on the Side to see what fonts you want to use.

There are 5 for you to choose:  This one is Arial.


This one is Franchise Font – I also click on the lowest tab there to increase the FONT Size!

Just point and click!


If you are doing Kids Books and you want a ‘fun’ font, use Com Drifty





5.  Right Next to it is the Template – MUST GET This Template Feature! You see this in the OTO.

On the screen shot, I can only show you 2 ready-made templates.

There are 14 templates that you can choose for your book!

They all look professional.  No need to get people to design covers for you anymore.


Watch the Following Magic Happening Before Your Eyes!!!  Only 1 minute work.

I can create 2 ebook covers – flat and 3d – in ONE Minute Only!

I am going to make 2 eCovers in front of your eyes.


1.  For my Killer Kindle Book on Smoothies Recipes, I just need to key in & change the title, etc.


2.  For my Diet Book Recipes – Eating Raw – I use another template and key in my own wordings.



This one looks pretty cool for my Diet Recipes!


6.  Last Step:  At the bottom  – you see that Download Cover! Just Click & a screen will pop up to save the .jpg to your computer.


For Kindle Cover – the flat cover looks like this:  (There is an even higher resolution than this, It goes beyond the screen here in my blog, so I choose a lower resolution one here)



Then for the 3-D eCover, it looks like this:  Just ONE Click – Point and Save to computer…


I’ve used a lot of eCover Softwares and this one is by far – the Easiest & the Quickest, and Most Professional Looking – Click, Click, Type, Upload your image, Download & Voila – professional looking covers.


==>  Find out  more about Kindle Renegade




Watch my Video Demo here: