Udemy Coaching Program

Ever since 2014, we have been coaching Udemy instructors to create high quality Udemy courses & to become a Best Selling Udemy Instructor on the Udemy platform.

Our Coaching Program will help you thrive in these areas:

  1.  Create Udemy Courses Efficiently & Effectively
  2.  Understand the Udemy platform in order to get your courses approved quickly
  3.  Learn some internal marketing skills within the Udemy platform
  4.  Know how to write Educational announcements to feed your students
  5.  Capture the marketing skill in the Promotional Announcements
  6.  Involve yourself in the different Coupon groups for some external marketing
  7.  Prepare yourself every year for the Big time in the November Black Friday Udemy Sales
  8.  Most of all, build a stable business with stable monthly income!

Due to the Global Time Differences, we are only able to accommodate students in the coaching program via weekly emails.

  1. The Coaching program is designed to tailor made to meet your needs
  2. Every week you write a report of your progress & send to us by Monday 8 AM.
  3. The next day, within 24 hours, you will receive a report from Rosa.  She will evaluate your weekly progress and coach you on what you need to do, what changes to make, what strategies to use, what marketing tips to thrive in, and how you can move forward to the next step via the Email progress report.

During the week, you will prepare your weekly report and send them out only on Monday morning.  With each weekly report we receive, you will receive weekly evaluation in the coaching program within the following 24 hours.

You need to take the initiative for weekly accountability.

Success will come your way as you get direct coaching and tips from Rosa.

Normally students will enroll into a half a year coaching program.

You can try out this subscription program whereby you pay $200 every 4 weeks.   
The payment is $50 / week coaching & you will be paying this on a monthly basis.

If you find that you have become successful in Udemy and do not need the coaching program any longer, you can stop the subscription any time.

Get in touch with me at:  rrsuen (at) gmail (dot) com

Wishing you all success,



Have Your Own Kindle Promotional Viral Network

Join this new ePub Heroes Forum – your very own Kindle Promotional Viral Network!

Paul Coleman had set up the ePub Heroes Forum for a few months now and Kindle publishers

are reaping a lot of successes having their very own kindle promotional Viral Network.

Paul  is the man behind many Kindle successes.

He is now re-opening his forum for new members to join in their successes!

While Deb and Amy concentrate on Book Trailers, Paul concentrates on even more TARGETED audience for your Kindle books. You get the best of 2 worlds when it comes to Marketing your Kindle books.

Paul has many training modules for you PLUS updated modules when you join the monthly membership.

He also shows you how to make audio books, not just make audio books but many avenues you can expand on.

Watch Paul’s video here to see how to get your Kindle Books GO VIRAL – it’s a complete training for sure!

==> Click to Join Paul Coleman’s membership forum site today while he is opening it for a few days!

This will be good for you to prepare your books for Christmas now.

Last time, he opened the membership site at a limited time, so not sure how long this one will be opened.


Have a great holiday,




Easy Way to Add More Eyeballs to your Kindle Books


Use  This Book Trailer Method to add more eyeballs to your Kindle Books.

This is an Easy Way to do your Kindle Marketing.

Membership Site: A total of 5 Modules – with videos demo and pdf guides and templates.



Everything is now revealed in this membership to show you how to do it easily!!!

Take a look at the Video here to see what is in the membership site:


  • You get instant credibility builder – this is very important!
  • Can be created for free or at a very inexpensive low fee.
  • This will separate your kindle books from the rest.
  • The important thing is that it brings your books to LIFE
  • Increase traffic to your book.
  • Your Kindle Books get much more exposure!
  • And consequently more sales!
  • Learn what to do and what not to do when making a book trailer.
  • This Treasure Map will guide you in the right way.
  • Follow people who have succeeded on this path.
  • The Membership is ONE time life membership.


==> Click here to Get Book Trailer Treasure Map – Just Launched Todayfor $9.99


Have a great Christmas,


500% Growth in Kindle Children’s Books


Tap Into the Children’s Books This Christmas!

Deb and Amy has a membership’s site to show you all the steps that’s necessary to

create Childrens’ Books!  All you need is to follow the procedures with templates

& videos that give you a step by step walk through.  They even have 2 Example

Books for you to follow!

This is what you get in the Picture Perfect Publishing Membership Site:

I’ve created some screenshots so that you can see the mega amount of material you get.

There are 5 BIG Modules – they even tell you which Hot Children’s Categories to target on – Videos & Quick Start Guides in pdf.

The videos are sharply focused to the point!  No wasting of time.






As you can see, all the resources are given to you such that you will be successful in this program.

The templates and how-to are all there!

==> Click to get this step-by-step procedure program to start this Hot Children’s Kindle Books!  Much

Easier than you think.  Get it while the program is still at a Discount Price!


Many are already having success in this hot childrens niche and it’s good for many years to come,





Make Your Kindle Books Go Viral By Using Magic Method Facebook Pages

How would you like to send VIRAL traffic to your Kindle Books using this Magic Method
of creating Facebook Pages?

I just bought the Magic Facebook Toolkit & it works like a MAGNET drawing people to your books & products.

This entire method works great not just for Kindle Books promotion and especially  for Christmas right now

to promote your products for people to buy for Christmas.  What’s more – the entire system is such that your

subscribers LOVE to stay in your LIST!  How you start off to get them to ‘like’ you is very IMPORTANT!!


For example:

If you are in the dog niche, this is what you can do.  The author gives you this live example:

Look at the number of Likes: 32,321 – the author managed to get this number in 2 months.

Kindle with Facebook

Kindle with Facebook


  • I’ve created facebook pages before but I never knew how to do ‘targeted’ facebook pages.
  • This Facebook Magician Tool Kit will show you how to get your facebook page up and running in 5 minutes.
  • The author shows you how to ‘name’ your page – this is the MAGIC TIP!
  • Once done, you learn how to get people to ‘like’ your page
  • You need to get an initial 2,000 fans using targeted facebook ads.  This is the only price you need to put in to get the snowball effect.  Even if you don’t run ads, you can surely get hundreds of free traffic following the following steps.
  • Learn how to use that automated facebook posting and schedule for 10 to 30 days posting for content.
  • Learn how to place those opt in links into those postings for people to sign into your list
  • If you have kindle books, just post those links there.

==> Click to buy the Magic Facebook Tool that will spark off your business today!

Like me, you will end up making lots of  FACEBOOK Fanpages for different products/niches you are in!  So easy!!!

You get the following content:

1) How to do Dead Simple (takes 5 minutes) Research
that will make sure you’re attacking your niche the right

2) How to setup a “sticky web” that will guarantee you
build a list of passionate prospects that will actually
open the email you send them once they sign up for
your list. This is the MAGIC here!

3) How to push cheap and Laser Targeted traffic that will
to you “sticky web” and eventually to your op-tin

4) How to Engage those people and make them trust you
before you ever ask them to sign up to your list (this is
key! They will sign up!)

5) And finally, how to get them to opt-in and an example
of what you need to send them so that you actually make money
with this list. (The big payoff!)

Learn these 5 simple skills. Get out there and set up your
facebook page for your niche and start building your niche
email list (and mail out offers to this list!).

This can literally be repeated over and over again and the
real beauty of the method is that there is very little

Get Ready for your Christmas promotion and much success to end the year 2012,


Genius Book Cover Templates

How would you like to create these Professionally looking Book Covers with already prepared Templates?



If you’ve ever published  a book to Amazon’s Kindle or Createspace platform, then it’s critical that you pay attention to the following:

  • How to double your royalties by making one tiny little change… without writing, editing or proofing your book
  • How to grab Amazon customers by the eyeballs and force them to buy your book (SIMPLE!)
  • How to avoid the #1 mistake authors make with their book cover (so easy when you see it!)
  • How to use a secret that world-class photographers and cover designers use to magnetically attract Amazon clicks


==> Click Here To Get the Standard Template to start making Professonal eCovers for $9.90 only.  Very Cheap.


This will save you a lot of time and money to get Graphic Designers.

What’s more, you don’t need to wait to have the next ebook cover made when you upload your next Kindle book.


60% Off – New eCover Pro for Kindle, Smashwords …


I’m always on the look out for Great eBook Cover Software that can make sizzling covers for Kindle, Smashwords . . . where there is no need to use photoshpo or gimp or other graphic expertise.

My friend, Lee, has just launched a eCover Maker Pro with hundreds of fonts and shapes available.

This eCover software is different from other softwares in that I can adjust the image brightness, color, size, fonts, shapes, etc.

Take a look at the video here:


With eBook Cover Maker Pro you can create an eBook cover image in under 5 minutes & make adjustments easily by clicking a few buttons. No graphics expertise needed.

EBook covers can be made for any reader – Kindle, Nook, iPad, and more. It’s very easy to make a cover. And you can be as simple or creative as you like.

Use the tabs at the top of the program to go through the eBook Cover making process.

Once all the steps are complete, simply save the image as a JPEG, TIF, or PNG and then upload it to Amazon.

This affordable software can save you hundreds of dollars.


Here are the benefits with the  eBook Cover Maker Pro Software:

• Can make cover images for Kindle, iPad, Nook and more…

• Create any sized eBook cover

• Add any image or photo

• Use any font (tons of fonts included)

• Easy to customize

• Color picker for exact matching

• More text effects than online eCover makers. Add a text border, text shadow, texture and more

• Undo and redo changes fast

• Save $$$ and control your results

• Covers are saved and can be edited easily

• Use shapes to create separate text areas


Right now you can get your copy of this downloadable software for $17 at the starting price, just launched.  This is only a ONE time fee.

==> Click to  get your copy now while it is 60% Off Now!

This is a software made so easy that you can use for your long term projects.

And if you combine the software with these newly created templates – you got it made!

==> Get these Templates for only $9.  The templates are a winner here!








Getting Kindle Published Fast



Nothing is more exciting than for me to see students who have bought my Kindle products succeeding.

Today, my friend Chris Diamond is releasing a Kindle Product to help you get your kindle books published quickly.  I reviewed his product 3 months ago when it first came out.  He has used my kindle method to become Amazon best sellers with some of  his kindle books.  In this product, you will see his marketing strategies & expertise to create this magnificent Kindle Publishing Course to help people to succeed.

==> Click here to visit the Kindle Publishing Course.

Here is a sample of one of Chris’s Kindle Book:

==>  Follow Chris Diamond’s method to get kindle books published fast.


Chris has put together a complete  Kindle product with videos for Kindle Publishing Authors.

It’s a complete Kindle Course – from the beginning of market research to writing your kindle book, how to market and promote your kindle books effectively.  He also gives detail video instructions on how to create your Kindle flat covers professionally to make your book stand out.

It’s very exciting for me to see kindle publishers succeeding using some of my Kindle methods.




Creating Cool Apps


Create Cool Apps!

Create only 1 App for ipad and then just click the button to convert the app to iphone, kindle, android!

==> I use this Create Cool Apps to do multi tasks and it saves me tons of time!


Rosa App


Kindle Clone Website

Kindle Clone Site


How  would you like to have your very own Kindle Website with Best Sellers kindle books in different categories?

This website is very easy to set up as everything is done for you.

Take a look at this Kindle books website I created:

It took me about 15 minutes to set up the website and keying in my Amazon ID & Access Key.

Once you have done that, you get commission to everybook that is bought via your website.

1.  The NEAT thing is that you can slowly add new tabs of your own books there.

2.  Another thing that I am now doing is to put in this website’s link into my kindle books.

==>  Read more about the Unlimited Version of the Kindle Clone Store to make this website!

The Unlimited Version gives you much more flexibility and content –  a 10X Bigger Books Data Base, 5X more automated content + target 30+ niches.   You don’t need to update the website yourself. You can have your website updated every week using the control cpanel.

It took me only 15 minutes to put up the entire website, Coolice says he can put it up for you if you do not know how to upload the entire package onto your domain name for free.  Once you get it up and running, you only need to change the Amazon ID and your access keys.