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Mega Special Graphics – Kindle Covers, WP Book Themes, Comic Strips Characters…


Max Rylski is offering a Big Discount of his professional design graphics to all Kindle Publishers for only $20

=>  The Monster Bundle has 50 Professional Graphics Sets

You  get $9,295 worth of design source files and templates for just $20!! :)

This deal is so good  ;) that I will just highlight a few things for kindle publishers.


The following Modules are good for Kindle Publishers:


5 Kindle Book Covers Templates

Kindle Book Covers


5 Flyer Templates Turn to Kindle Covers:

Kindle Fun Covers


Cartoon Characters for your E Books:


Cartoon Characters



Creative Facebook Covers to promote your Ebooks

Facebook Covers


Comic Strips to write your Comic Kindle Books


Comic Strips


HTML Templates to promote your Ebooks

WP Squeeze page



WP Publisher Theme

WP theme ePublisherTheme

WP theme ePublisherTheme


WP Book Author Theme

WP Book Author Theme

WP Book Author Theme



Turn your Kindle Books to Smart 3 D ecovers

3D Smart ECovers

3D Smart ECovers


All of the above for only $20.  Not to mention there are 80% more material that is not posted here.

You get developer license for all of these modules.

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#1: PLR to Big Design Bundle content (over $9,000)

#2: Copy of Big Design Bundle sales page ($297 value)

#3: Short Codes Deluxe with developer rights ($127 value)

#4: High Res eCovers Pro with developer rights ($97 value)

#5: Click and Drag Graphics V2 with developer rights ($97 value)

#6: All my Marketing Graphics Toolkit packages with developer rights($60 value)

#7. 2 unreleased products with developer rights ($34 value)

#8: 13 of my latest graphics products with developer rights ($221 value)




$5 Quick Templates for Christmas

Dear Friends,

For those of you who need quick Christmas designs, use the following Christmas Templates for your books.

I use some of these for my Christmas Kindle books.

Christmas Templates


Here are some Royalty Free Images you can use for your Recipe Books:

kindle ecovers


You can get the above for only $5.



Merry Christmas,

New Genius Book Cover Training


This is the Christmas season.  Lots of people will be buying kindle books from Amazon for themselves during the holiday seasons.

As you put your books onto the Kindle Bookshelves, make sure  your books are attractive looking.  This is the first thing the buyer sees before they decide to whether to have a closer look at your book to buy.

You will get the following book templates in the New Genius Book Cover Training:


You key in your own words and the author’s name.


For the pictures, you will get 150 Royalty Free Images. These images are taken by Tony Laidig, who is also a professional photographer as well as graphic designer.  They are all in high resolution photos for you to use  freely.

Take a look at the beautiful photos here.  You can use them for your fiction and non-fiction books:

Kindle ebook cover design


Kindle ebook cover design


For the Premium Package, you get even more resources.  

It is truly worthwhile for you to get these templates for you to develop your book publishing business.

You get the following EXTRA  20 Book Templates:

Kindle e covers

Kindle eCovers


You also get another BIG package of 3,105 Royalty Free Images in the following categories:


ebook covers

Some samples:


free images


For bonuses, you get the EZ cover Software also for your personal use.


==> Get this 48 hour special OFFER of Book Cover Genius today!


Use these available resources to get your books done more professionally.  Cover Design is the first thing that grabs the buyer’s attention.  If they see that you put effort into making a design for you book, then they will have more confidence to buy your book.

Since you have already spent so much time writing your book, invest a little money to make beautiful covers.

This product shows you all the steps in videos and pdfs.  You can use the GIMP software when you use the book templates.


Have a great day,





Easy Way to Add More Eyeballs to your Kindle Books


Use  This Book Trailer Method to add more eyeballs to your Kindle Books.

This is an Easy Way to do your Kindle Marketing.

Membership Site: A total of 5 Modules – with videos demo and pdf guides and templates.



Everything is now revealed in this membership to show you how to do it easily!!!

Take a look at the Video here to see what is in the membership site:


  • You get instant credibility builder – this is very important!
  • Can be created for free or at a very inexpensive low fee.
  • This will separate your kindle books from the rest.
  • The important thing is that it brings your books to LIFE
  • Increase traffic to your book.
  • Your Kindle Books get much more exposure!
  • And consequently more sales!
  • Learn what to do and what not to do when making a book trailer.
  • This Treasure Map will guide you in the right way.
  • Follow people who have succeeded on this path.
  • The Membership is ONE time life membership.


==> Click here to Get Book Trailer Treasure Map – Just Launched Todayfor $9.99


Have a great Christmas,


Kindle Children Books!!


Join Into The Fun of Creating Kindle Children Books Today

Part 1 of Kids Magnet was so successful that Amy and Deb have now produced Kids Magnets Part 2!

Kindle children book


The best part in the membership site is that there are:

1.  Quick Guides to get you moving easily from beginning to final production of kids’ books.

2. Lots of Mindmaps.

3. Resources to get the templates for story board writing.

4.A complete set of videos to guide you through the entire process of creating the story!

5. Another complete set of videos to guide you through creating the artworks and graphics.

Lots of freeware sources are available for you.

Kids Magnet Videos


==> Read More on Part 2 of Kids Magnet!


In case you did not get Part 1 which had given a lot of successes to many students, you can still get it at a very low price by clicking on the following link:

==> This is Part 1 of Kids Magnet!

You will get the following great guidelines:

* How Lucrative the Kid’s Book Market Really Is
* What Types of Kid’s Books Are More Popular
* What Kinds of Kid’s Stories Sell Better
* Where to Get Your Images and Artwork
* How To Use Images and Art in Your Books
* Different Methods for Assembling Your Books
* How To Price Your Books
* A Brief Overview on How To Market Your Books
* A Quick Introduction of Using Mobile Apps to Sell Your Books
If you are actually going to write kid’s books OR create books that use a lot of images, then you will definitely want to get your hands on the up-sell offer also…
Inside the upsell product, you will discover the Art Extravaganza to help you do the production creatively:
* 10 Fiverr Providers who offer Cartoons, Book Illustrations and Drawings
* 9 Additional Sources to get Professional Illustrations and Drawings
* 2 Web-Based Photo Editors
* 3 PC-Based Photo Editors
* 2 Mac-Based Photo Editors
* 3 iPad-Based Photo Editors — one of these also works on Google Android systems
* 13 Sites that offer Royalty-Free Images
* 1 Paid Recommended Resource for Images
* 3 Sites that will let your Resize Images Quickly
* 5 Websites that will give you access to High-Quality Clipart
* 5 Screen Capture Resources
* 7 Computer-Based Art and Drawing Programs
* 10 iPad Art and Drawing Programs
* 9 Web-Based Art and Drawing Programs
* 4 Hand-Drawn Illustration and White Board Programs

The “Artwork Extravaganza” up-sell product is an excellent offer to use artwork, illustrations or images in their future books, regardless of whether those books are for adults or children.
Don’t get left behind! This niche will not get saturated.


Viral Image Software – Kindle, Pinterest, Blogs


Viral Image Curator Pro is an all in one – COMPLETE!

For the first time ever, with Viral Image Curator Pro we have an all-in-one!

It’s  simple, huge-time-saving PC or Mac app running Adobe Air for:

Finding (free sources include over 100 million images copyright-free)
Storing (on your hard disc and/or zap to any WP media library)
Editing (re-size, properties borders etc, Meme creation too!)

Creating eBook Covers & pictures for my ebooks.

Posting, Blogging, Pinterest, Viral Sharing and Bookmarking on multiple FB and Twitter accounts.

With Viral Image Curator Pro, that’s what you can do, with an ease, simplicity and time efficiency that will blow you away.


Watch the Video Demo Here!  Huge is showing you how to post images in blogs, twitter, facebook!  You use the same idea for your Kindle Books Cover Images to make your kindle books viral.

FIRST: Find Copyright Free Images, Store, Manage
at the Click of a Button
for all Your Internet Marketing needs.

For eg. I am now working on a Kindle Recipe book on: Halloween Pumpkin Pies.  I key in those keywords and there’s an output of pages of lots of free images I can use.  Here is an example:


  • Find images by keyword from over 100 million free-to-use images
  • One click research attribution on the image (to ensure copyright free)
  • One click save to hard disc
  • One click upload to any of your blogs media libraries.  Returns permalink.
  • One click open editor to change size etc prior to the above.
  • One click post to Facebook of the images as-is (post to MULTIPLE fan pages and FB profiles)

Before I go on, can you see the benefit already for your Kindle Business?

SECOND:  Edit  Image if You Choose for Viral Marketing   You can further edit the image, adding words, borders, backgrounds, urls and sales messages – without the hassles and time needed for more complex image programs.

THIRD: Use Your Images – Post, Upload and Bookmark

Apart from the wide range of general IM uses of the images you find generally, also:

  • We have a full featured multi-blog posting command and control center.  Unlike the limited WYSIWYG editor in WP, we have a FULL-FEATURED WYSIWYG to easily create beautiful posts for any of your blogs.You need never go to your blog to create a post again (won’t want to in fact)!
  • One click to insert an image into your post – also this image is set as the featured image, increasingly used in themes now (and is the image that FB will pick up in the step below).
  • You then post to your blog with one click, setting the time of posting as you choose, category etc and choosing either “post” or “page”.
  • Now the viral part.  You can bookmark that blog post (bookmark the post url itself) to MULITPLE Facebook Fan Pages (multiple profiles too) and MULTIPLE Twitter accounts, with AUTOMATIC use of bitly shortened url in the bookmarks (f you choose).

All at the click of a button – multiple account bookmarks with automatic bitly shortening.  Pretty cool!


==> This Software  is very cheap!