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Create Cool Apps!

Create only 1 App for ipad and then just click the button to convert the app to iphone, kindle, android!

==> I use this Create Cool Apps to do multi tasks and it saves me tons of time!

You find tutorials and tons of templates to use in this site.


Here is a SAMPLE of my Business  APP  I am creating right now for the Apple Store:

With iPhone5 just coming out, more and more people will be searching for apps.

I’ll let you see the IPad version here as it is larger:


Rosa App



Here is Another  Excellent Live Coaching Course To Help You Build Your App Empire


Holly Carter’s Course To Help You Create Apps

Re-open Now – 70% OFF



A group of us joined Holly Carter’s Course to Create Apps in May, 2012 & we had learned so much in 4 short months: how to create our own apps, designing our apps, building our apps, market promotion, using affiliate links to monetize our apps, lots of resources and up-to-date information etc.

In order to spend time to help our group, she closed the membership site and did not allow new students to join in the last 4 months.

It has been a great learning experience for me and I am now slowly creating different apps for my businesses.

The Passive Profit System Coaching Program

  • takes us step-by-step through a system for creating and promoting mobile apps
  • that can be monetized with affiliate links.
  • You actually make more money giving the apps away for free than they would if they sold the apps for 99 cents apiece.

Training is provided in 3 monthly modules, coupled with live bi-weekly coaching sessions and a coaching forum where students can get personalized coaching every step of the way.

There are also bonus lessons showing students how to make immediate upfront money by selling simple apps to offline businesses.


I’ve been in touch with Holly and she is now RE-OPENING her program for new students.  She only allows 7 days for new students to apply.  Last time,  some students wanted to get in and was unable to because the live-coaching class was full.  She is only able to accept a number of students in the course because she holds weekly or biweekly live-coaching web seminars so that students can ask questions.  This is the beauty of the course!


1.  Get Step-by-Step Guidelines To Creating Apps

a. Market Research

b. Designing Your Apps

c. Monetizing Your Apps

d. Building Your Apps

e. Protecting Your Apps

f. Promoting Your Apps – free & paid methods

g. Application Diary

h. Follow Her Case Study

2.  10 Live Coaching Webinars –  Wow!!! She is there to ‘talk’ to you and ‘answer’ your questions!

We had 10 Live Webinars for us to sign up so that we could attend and ask questions.

You are getting real coaching here. If you cannot attend, you can watch the replay.


There are 2 different payment plans:

1.  One-time payment option – Starting at $247.  When the course launches, It  starts at $247 and increases every couple of hours till it maxes out at $277.  This is the plan I used last time.

2.   3 payments of just $99 each … a total of $297 but broken into smaller payments.


Some of you wanted to join last time and could not.

This is the time to join now.  If you can afford the $277 plan, that’s the way to go.

If you cannot afford to pay the whole amount now, then go for the 3 slots payment.


Bonuses for my Subscribers:

Holly told me that you can get these 3 non-advertised Bonuses when you join TODAY:


Holly Cotter’s Personal “Business App Promotion Mindmap”

This is a roadmap of the many different methods you can use to
promote an app you create for businesses.  (Value: $97)



“The Next Trend in Mobile Apps”

This bonus lesson reveals which direction apps are heading in,
so you can stay ahead of the wave by creating apps that appeal
to the largest number of users. (Value: $97)



“How to Protect Yourself from a Crash”

Many apps rely on server access to run. This bonus lesson
reveals the easiest and most affordable way to protect your
website, server AND computer from a crash… so you never have
to worry about your app “going down.” (Value: $47)


This course is very COMPREHENSIVE and THOROUGH, but she doesn’t open her course too often:

Only once every 4 to 5  months

Only 7 days for you to apply and then it is CLOSED for another 5 months.


 ==> Come Over and Start Creating Your Apps in this FUN Course Today.

===>  Click To Join  Holly Carter’s Course To Help You Create Apps – Re-open Now for 7 DAYS Only at 70% OFF










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