The Value of Creating Journal / Work books

The Value of Creating these Journal / Workbooks for your Business – be it Kindle Or Online School (Udemy, Teachable, Skillshare, etc)

One of the best things about being a writer and publisher is the ability to

deliver what people want. And one of the hottest niches that audiences

are craving right now are interactive books like journals & workbooks.  

Journals are hot-bestsellers in a huge variety of niches such as:

  • Self-help
  • Exercise
  • Business Growth
  • Religious study
  • Creativity
  • Quotes
  • Do It Yourself Training


For many of us who already have hundreds of books on Kindle, you can create WORKBOOKS to complement all your already published books, whether it is business books, inspirational books, self help books, teaching books, training manuals, Christian devotion books, novels, fiction stories, etc.

As you many of you know, we can earn a lot of royalties via Createspace publishing with these kind of books as they do all the printing for you.

For many of us who already have dozens of courses in our online school or at Udemy and Skillshare, create Supplementary Workbooks to your courses! Students love them.

Tip and Trick:  These Supplmentary Workbooks are EZ to create!

My friends, Amy and Debbie, created a new powerful software to help all Kindle publishers to get these journals/workbooks done in 3 minutes.

It is quick and easy to get a book done quickly without all the fuss and frustrations.  Imagine the time you save and the volume of books you are able to build to at least double your Revenue Sales very quickly.

I’ll write out a simple plan for you to get started as this is what I do:

  1.  Use the software to create 3 minute Journal / Work books.
  1.  Create these journal or Work books to go alongside with your existing Kindle books or any of your online courses.  Put a link in the beginning of the journal / workbook to point to the Kindle book.
  1.  Upload the Journal / Workbook onto the Kindle bookshelf.
  1.  Go to the Kindle bookshelf and put  the workbook link to the Kindle book to point to this new Journal / Workbook.
  1.  Use KDP Select for the first 90 days.
  1.  Remove the Journal / Workbook from the KDP Select Program and make this journal/ Workbook available in other book publishing platforms.

That’s it!  You must have a ‘business mind’ to create these journaling/workbooks effectively & effortlessly!

Start doing this today and you can crank up at least 10 books a day to fill your Kindle bookshelf and start doubling and tripling your Revenue.  Always put links in there to internally market your books to your online school.  You are creating value for your students and customers & at the same time, they serve great as marketing tools to  build your brand!

==> Watch the quick video here to see how to create Journal Workbooks in 3 minutes!


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