Using Scrivener Software to Expand Kindle Publishing


Lately, you have probably heard about the big buzz about using Scrivener Software

to expand your Kindle Book publishing business.


For the past 2 years, I have been expanding my ebook publishing to other platforms like Apple,

Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, Scribd, Sony, etc.


If you have a lot of books on your bookshelf, it is worth expanding your publishing business

to other platforms.  If your books are doing well in Amazon, be sure to take your books out

of the KDP select program so that you can make your books available to other platforms.

In this way, you can get more sales from the one book that you have created.


Imagine, if you have 50 books in your Kindle Bookshelf, you can now put these 50 books

to 10 other platforms, making your books available 10X More.


Usually what I do is to get the books selling in Amazon first using the KDP Free and Count

down promotions.  Once the book is selling well, I take the books out of the KDP Select Program

and put the books to at least 10 other platforms.


To do this means that you need to find an EASY way to format your books into the formats

that the other platforms require.  Scrivener Software program is the solution to this.


1.  You can get the Scrivener Program for only $40 from Amazon.  This is the cheapest.

==> Click Here to get the software.


2.  A guided program to use the Scrivener Program

==> Click Here For Scrivener Training at a prelaunch discount price


David Martin just launched this Training program to help you through so that it is very EZ to

use the software.  Follow someone who knows all the tips and tricks to use the software effectively.


There is a total of 18 modules with 101 clear guided videos.  


The videos  are short and to the point.  They are all specifically captioned so that you can

easily find them to refer to whenever you want to.


I am impressed with the entire training.  You are shown how to import your documents

with drag and drop, import and split, organizing your files and folders in one place,

rearranging and converting, using corkboard, using novel template and compiling the manuscript,

thesaurus, text, statistics, project targets, tracking changes, synchronizing with drop box,

text to speech, etc.

This will handle all the formatting issues for you in the multi-platforms to publish your ebooks.

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