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This is the Christmas season.  Lots of people will be buying kindle books from Amazon for themselves during the holiday seasons.

As you put your books onto the Kindle Bookshelves, make sure  your books are attractive looking.  This is the first thing the buyer sees before they decide to whether to have a closer look at your book to buy.

You will get the following book templates in the New Genius Book Cover Training:


You key in your own words and the author’s name.


For the pictures, you will get 150 Royalty Free Images. These images are taken by Tony Laidig, who is also a professional photographer as well as graphic designer.  They are all in high resolution photos for you to use  freely.

Take a look at the beautiful photos here.  You can use them for your fiction and non-fiction books:

Kindle ebook cover design


Kindle ebook cover design


For the Premium Package, you get even more resources.  

It is truly worthwhile for you to get these templates for you to develop your book publishing business.

You get the following EXTRA  20 Book Templates:

Kindle e covers

Kindle eCovers


You also get another BIG package of 3,105 Royalty Free Images in the following categories:


ebook covers

Some samples:


free images


For bonuses, you get the EZ cover Software also for your personal use.


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Use these available resources to get your books done more professionally.  Cover Design is the first thing that grabs the buyer’s attention.  If they see that you put effort into making a design for you book, then they will have more confidence to buy your book.

Since you have already spent so much time writing your book, invest a little money to make beautiful covers.

This product shows you all the steps in videos and pdfs.  You can use the GIMP software when you use the book templates.


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