Kindle Books Descriptions – $12 Software


This is a fantastic software to help Kindle Publishers to  use the right key words to the ‘description’ of books.


The Software is easy to use:


1.  Type in your Keywords here.

2.  The list of books appear right in front of you with the descriptions.

3.  Scroll down and read through them.


I have a book on Diet Smoothie, so I key in those keywords:



4.  Export to CSV file:

a.  Look at the Keywords

b.  Look at the Sales rank

c.  Can click on the url to view the book

d.  Look at the Descriptions.



This will help you know what keywords to use, and how others write descriptions.

This software gives you QUICK and FAST info you need when you put in the descriptions of your book.


==> Just Launched!  Click to Get this software for $12.





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