Have Your Own Kindle Promotional Viral Network

Join this new ePub Heroes Forum – your very own Kindle Promotional Viral Network!

Paul Coleman had set up the ePub Heroes Forum for a few months now and Kindle publishers

are reaping a lot of successes having their very own kindle promotional Viral Network.

Paul  is the man behind many Kindle successes.

He is now re-opening his forum for new members to join in their successes!

While Deb and Amy concentrate on Book Trailers, Paul concentrates on even more TARGETED audience for your Kindle books. You get the best of 2 worlds when it comes to Marketing your Kindle books.

Paul has many training modules for you PLUS updated modules when you join the monthly membership.

He also shows you how to make audio books, not just make audio books but many avenues you can expand on.

Watch Paul’s video here to see how to get your Kindle Books GO VIRAL – it’s a complete training for sure!

==> Click to Join Paul Coleman’s membership forum site today while he is opening it for a few days!

This will be good for you to prepare your books for Christmas now.

Last time, he opened the membership site at a limited time, so not sure how long this one will be opened.


Have a great holiday,




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