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Join Into The Fun of Creating Kindle Children Books Today

Part 1 of Kids Magnet was so successful that Amy and Deb have now produced Kids Magnets Part 2!

Kindle children book


The best part in the membership site is that there are:

1.  Quick Guides to get you moving easily from beginning to final production of kids’ books.

2. Lots of Mindmaps.

3. Resources to get the templates for story board writing.

4.A complete set of videos to guide you through the entire process of creating the story!

5. Another complete set of videos to guide you through creating the artworks and graphics.

Lots of freeware sources are available for you.

Kids Magnet Videos


==> Read More on Part 2 of Kids Magnet!


In case you did not get Part 1 which had given a lot of successes to many students, you can still get it at a very low price by clicking on the following link:

==> This is Part 1 of Kids Magnet!

You will get the following great guidelines:

* How Lucrative the Kid’s Book Market Really Is
* What Types of Kid’s Books Are More Popular
* What Kinds of Kid’s Stories Sell Better
* Where to Get Your Images and Artwork
* How To Use Images and Art in Your Books
* Different Methods for Assembling Your Books
* How To Price Your Books
* A Brief Overview on How To Market Your Books
* A Quick Introduction of Using Mobile Apps to Sell Your Books
If you are actually going to write kid’s books OR create books that use a lot of images, then you will definitely want to get your hands on the up-sell offer also…
Inside the upsell product, you will discover the Art Extravaganza to help you do the production creatively:
* 10 Fiverr Providers who offer Cartoons, Book Illustrations and Drawings
* 9 Additional Sources to get Professional Illustrations and Drawings
* 2 Web-Based Photo Editors
* 3 PC-Based Photo Editors
* 2 Mac-Based Photo Editors
* 3 iPad-Based Photo Editors — one of these also works on Google Android systems
* 13 Sites that offer Royalty-Free Images
* 1 Paid Recommended Resource for Images
* 3 Sites that will let your Resize Images Quickly
* 5 Websites that will give you access to High-Quality Clipart
* 5 Screen Capture Resources
* 7 Computer-Based Art and Drawing Programs
* 10 iPad Art and Drawing Programs
* 9 Web-Based Art and Drawing Programs
* 4 Hand-Drawn Illustration and White Board Programs

The “Artwork Extravaganza” up-sell product is an excellent offer to use artwork, illustrations or images in their future books, regardless of whether those books are for adults or children.
Don’t get left behind! This niche will not get saturated.


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