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Viral Image Curator Pro is an all in one – COMPLETE!

For the first time ever, with Viral Image Curator Pro we have an all-in-one!

It’s  simple, huge-time-saving PC or Mac app running Adobe Air for:

Finding (free sources include over 100 million images copyright-free)
Storing (on your hard disc and/or zap to any WP media library)
Editing (re-size, properties borders etc, Meme creation too!)

Creating eBook Covers & pictures for my ebooks.

Posting, Blogging, Pinterest, Viral Sharing and Bookmarking on multiple FB and Twitter accounts.

With Viral Image Curator Pro, that’s what you can do, with an ease, simplicity and time efficiency that will blow you away.


Watch the Video Demo Here!  Huge is showing you how to post images in blogs, twitter, facebook!  You use the same idea for your Kindle Books Cover Images to make your kindle books viral.

FIRST: Find Copyright Free Images, Store, Manage
at the Click of a Button
for all Your Internet Marketing needs.

For eg. I am now working on a Kindle Recipe book on: Halloween Pumpkin Pies.  I key in those keywords and there’s an output of pages of lots of free images I can use.  Here is an example:


  • Find images by keyword from over 100 million free-to-use images
  • One click research attribution on the image (to ensure copyright free)
  • One click save to hard disc
  • One click upload to any of your blogs media libraries.  Returns permalink.
  • One click open editor to change size etc prior to the above.
  • One click post to Facebook of the images as-is (post to MULTIPLE fan pages and FB profiles)

Before I go on, can you see the benefit already for your Kindle Business?

SECOND:  Edit  Image if You Choose for Viral Marketing   You can further edit the image, adding words, borders, backgrounds, urls and sales messages – without the hassles and time needed for more complex image programs.

THIRD: Use Your Images – Post, Upload and Bookmark

Apart from the wide range of general IM uses of the images you find generally, also:

  • We have a full featured multi-blog posting command and control center.  Unlike the limited WYSIWYG editor in WP, we have a FULL-FEATURED WYSIWYG to easily create beautiful posts for any of your blogs.You need never go to your blog to create a post again (won’t want to in fact)!
  • One click to insert an image into your post – also this image is set as the featured image, increasingly used in themes now (and is the image that FB will pick up in the step below).
  • You then post to your blog with one click, setting the time of posting as you choose, category etc and choosing either “post” or “page”.
  • Now the viral part.  You can bookmark that blog post (bookmark the post url itself) to MULITPLE Facebook Fan Pages (multiple profiles too) and MULTIPLE Twitter accounts, with AUTOMATIC use of bitly shortened url in the bookmarks (f you choose).

All at the click of a button – multiple account bookmarks with automatic bitly shortening.  Pretty cool!


==> This Software  is very cheap!



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