Kindle Clone Website

Kindle Clone Site


How  would you like to have your very own Kindle Website with Best Sellers kindle books in different categories?

This website is very easy to set up as everything is done for you.

Take a look at this Kindle books website I created:

It took me about 15 minutes to set up the website and keying in my Amazon ID & Access Key.

Once you have done that, you get commission to everybook that is bought via your website.

1.  The NEAT thing is that you can slowly add new tabs of your own books there.

2.  Another thing that I am now doing is to put in this website’s link into my kindle books.

==>  Read more about the Unlimited Version of the Kindle Clone Store to make this website!

The Unlimited Version gives you much more flexibility and content –  a 10X Bigger Books Data Base, 5X more automated content + target 30+ niches.   You don’t need to update the website yourself. You can have your website updated every week using the control cpanel.

It took me only 15 minutes to put up the entire website, Coolice says he can put it up for you if you do not know how to upload the entire package onto your domain name for free.  Once you get it up and running, you only need to change the Amazon ID and your access keys.

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