Kindle Killer Covers – Create them In Seconds


Kindle Killer Covers – Create them In Seconds

Take a look at what you get in this Software:  A Simple Point & Click Editor

  • You can customize your cover with your own images and text!
  • It allows you to do layers with one click!  No need to use Photoshop.
  • Can send any elements to the front or back of the canvas.
  • You can change background color with one click.



These are the Features that you get:

Killer Kindle Covers In Seconds


The following screen shots and you can see how EZ it is to make a cover.  It takes only 5 minutes.

1.  Point & Click – Background!


2.  I put the Cursor at the top – Customize at will…. and type what I want:

So for my eBook Cover, I want to say: Become a Kindle Publisher This Year – 2012

Point & Type – WYSIWYG

That’s how simple it is!


3.  I point & Type My Title:

Then Click on the Side to see what fonts you want to use.

There are 5 for you to choose:  This one is Arial.


This one is Franchise Font – I also click on the lowest tab there to increase the FONT Size!

Just point and click!


If you are doing Kids Books and you want a ‘fun’ font, use Com Drifty





5.  Right Next to it is the Template – MUST GET This Template Feature! You see this in the OTO.

On the screen shot, I can only show you 2 ready-made templates.

There are 14 templates that you can choose for your book!

They all look professional.  No need to get people to design covers for you anymore.


Watch the Following Magic Happening Before Your Eyes!!!  Only 1 minute work.

I can create 2 ebook covers – flat and 3d – in ONE Minute Only!

I am going to make 2 eCovers in front of your eyes.


1.  For my Killer Kindle Book on Smoothies Recipes, I just need to key in & change the title, etc.


2.  For my Diet Book Recipes – Eating Raw – I use another template and key in my own wordings.



This one looks pretty cool for my Diet Recipes!


6.  Last Step:  At the bottom  – you see that Download Cover! Just Click & a screen will pop up to save the .jpg to your computer.


For Kindle Cover – the flat cover looks like this:  (There is an even higher resolution than this, It goes beyond the screen here in my blog, so I choose a lower resolution one here)



Then for the 3-D eCover, it looks like this:  Just ONE Click – Point and Save to computer…


I’ve used a lot of eCover Softwares and this one is by far – the Easiest & the Quickest, and Most Professional Looking – Click, Click, Type, Upload your image, Download & Voila – professional looking covers.


==>  Find out  more about Kindle Renegade




Watch my Video Demo here:





















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