Get Simple Video Pro To Promote Kindle Books


This is a 2012 GAME CHANGER! Using Videos as a Marketing Tool Has Never Been Easier!

Get Simple Video Pro To Promote Kindle Books & your Products!

Simple Video Pro is more than JUST a Video “Player”

It’s a “Video Marketing Platform”!!!

…. all the things people say they wish they had are here – just check out the benefits by watching the Video!




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Further Update:

WOW!  I can’t tell you the MAGIC of this plug in.

Not only is this SIMPLE to use, but it is generating a faster promotion, and more income for me because of the ‘paypal’ button that I am able to install into the video.

With the Simple Video Pro, this is what I am able to do with my videos in my hobby site.  This is generating a faster promotion and more sales for me because of the social viral buttons embedded in the videos.

Voila!  Here is a screenshot of what I have put in my own promotional video.  It’s amazingly SIMPLE!

I set my ‘Buy Button’ to appear 10 seconds into the video.  And when you click the ‘buy button’ in the video page, it goes to the paypal page.

Watch this video yourself.

 You need to mouse over the video to see the Viral Buttons – facebook, twitter and pin it!


I’ve been using the Video Pro for the last 2 weeks for my piano course launches in the last 2 courses.

You see my videos with the viral buttons here:  Piano Technique Pinterest Website ! I am actively using this video pro plug-in for my video promotions.  Click on this one that I did on last week’s launch.  I set it as ‘not’ auto play so that visitors need to mouse over the video to see the viral buttons easily.  I can’t embed the ‘paypal button’ on this one because of the drop down menu. If you have only one price – the paypal button works.

For the last 2 weeks, I see my subscribers posting my videos onto their facebook pages, tweeting them and also in Pinterest (Wow!!!).  This has certainly generated lots more sales than just embedding my own you-tube videos 😉


This is very EZ to set up – it only took me less than an hour to go through all the video tutorials!

If you are into Clickbank promotional products, this is definitely a MUST!  Simple Video Pro will save you tons of time with the promotion and you can embed affiliate links in there easily!

You can promote your Kindle Books or use your affiliate links to promote the Best Sellers Kindle Books!  I have more to share about this but I will probably just share via email since I don’t have time to write a product because of many things that are going on right now.

The possibilities are just endless.  Even though it is only 1 Year Update – I am already using it and have covered the initial cost of the license.

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The launch will close & Price will go up after the Labor Day Weekend

So be sure to get your license before Sept 3rd!


Have a great weekend,


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