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FOR All My Readers!

I had wanted to wait until I launch my next WSO to show this  Pinterest website.

But with Megan’s recent launch of Fiverr X, I need to go with the flow and  show this to you earlier so that you can get on with creating your product quickly! Some things can wait and some things can’t wait! And you will know why as you read on!

These are ‘fun’ days for us who are already Publishing in Kindle.


Here’s  a strategy you can use to combine:

1.  Fiverr X  (Click to get Fiverr X Here!)

2.  Kindle


1.   Fiverr X  shows you a QUICK method to tap into Fiverr resources.

The method shows you how EZ it is to create a high quality product people are hunting to buy from you. This method cannot be saturated because it depends on what you decide!


2.  Get these READY DONE FOR YOUR 90 Templates for 10 Niches  – $1 a Niche Template

to put your product up on your website immediately with a few clicks!

You can choose any of the following to suit your needs:

  • 20  WP Templates 2 columns
  • 20  WP Templates 3 columns
  • 20  HTML templates
  • 10  Squeeze pages for 10 Niches


3.   Here is the Kindle TIP:

Write a short Kindle Report on your product and put everything in summary form!  Sell it for .99


Here’s an outline of what you can do this week & for many weeks to come:

  • Day 1:   Decide what you are going to do.
  • Day 2:  Outline your steps!  Tap into Fiverr!
  • Day 3:  Click here to get an appropriate website template here!
  • Day 4:  Put your product & website together!
  • Day 5:  Compile a short Kindle Book in the form of a report of your product! Sell it for .99

Get KDP Select Secrets   to use KDP Select effectively!

   Be sure to put your website  link in your Kindle book to drive traffic there!

  • Day 6:  Watch your sales go up – both Kindle & your product!
  • Day 7:  Rest!


Rinse and Repeat every week!

Imagine if you create a product a week and working only 2 hours a day! That’s all!

It only takes a few hours to create the product!

It only takes a few hours to write that Kindle Report Book.

With this plan, you can just FOCUS on this and see what happens!

You cannot but succeed my friend!










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