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Pinterest Kindle Website


How Would You like To Combine Kindle + Pinterest Together For Your Kindle Promotion Books?

Make a Website that has a LOOK-alike Pinterest Website but it is actually your website?

Stay Tuned!  Exciting Things ahead!

Click to take  a look at what the website looks like on Business Books

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Here are a few of the things this package comes with:

Lina actually provides a case study that details one of her niche sites that is making a small profit and she lays out exactly how she marketed the site step-by-step so you can replicate her niche idea if you choose. The EXACT steps you need to take to clone one of
Lina’s sites (and it does not have a risk of becoming oversaturated).

The EXACT ads that she used to promote her site, in fact she provides all the PSD files for the ads, as well as Word versions that can be edited by noobs in any word processing program (ie. Open Office, Microsoft Word)

How you can take her model and expand it into other sites.

How you can increase your Amazon commissions with this Pinterest theme.

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Additional Resources

If you need some Pinterest Videos to use the Pinterest site effectively, you can buy these products here:

1.  Pinterest Expert -$7

2. Auto Pinterest Software



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